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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Halliburton Out - Freeport McMoRan In

If you hear any Liberal say the word Halliburton one more time, punch him/her in the face!

Freeport-McMoRan (PTF) should be the only company to be awarded ANY contracts coming out of the Katrina disaster. Why? There are only three companies on the planet that can build nations: Halliburton, Bechtel and Freeport McMoRan.

Now you don't hear about PTF. Why, it's not politically attached to anyone in the Bush Administration. It will be. Why? It's based in New Orleans. That's right. It's in New Orleans, friends.

There has been a cacophonous cry from those in LA and the press to allow only LA contractors to rebuild New Orleans. There is no other company better suited than PTF. Now, PTF is not only an excavation and mining company. It builds nations. It builds roads, houses, infrastructure, energy plants, etc. It's a fantastic company, solvent, forward thinking, and as mentioned above one of the only players that can bring the kind of muscle it will take to rebuild LA and MS.

Take a look at the Board of Directors. Pretty impressive: http://www.fcx.com/inrl/brdmgmt.htm

Here the link to PTF: http://www.fcx.com/aboutus/co-overvw.htm

If W is looking to get the Halliburton Monkey off of his back, award all contracts to FTP as soon as possible.

BTW - I thought the speech tonight was horrible. I hated it. It was flat, empty and full of Great Society messages that I don't think W will be able to deliver. Maybe FTP will save the day!

You asked me if I knew how to block comments. I know how on my blog, but mine isn't blogger. I started out with Blogger and you get a nice interface and a lot of control over the template, but little else so I decided to get a blog with typepad. They start at 4.95 a month. They don't have as many template options (almost none at that price) but what they do have is great cutomer service. However, they do have a way to block IP addresses from annoying trolls and their interface is great. Unlike blogger, you can do trackbacks,, edit comments (You can make the nasty commenter look like a real fool)

In any case, you can also use your own domain name if you want to get one. (Typepad doesn't register domain names so you have to go to someone who does that. I used godaddy.com. They are pretty cheap. I think for two year plus pricacy etc, it cost me around 30 bucks.

I just started in July with them. I like them so well, I went all the way tp pro level where you have complete control over templates and unlimited authors.

I don't get anything from them if you sign up with them. Shop around, there are a bunch of sites and options, both free and pay. If you are serious about having a blog, I'd lose blogger.

I looked around for a month and decided upon typepad. What the heck, the first month is free.

I keep my blogger blog because it makes it easier for me to lave comments. All it does now is offer a link to my typepad blog.

If you have any other questions, let me know, I'll try to help. I'm a novice at this as well.

The shaw group is another big player that got a huge contract. Bush connection: Joe Allbaugh as a lobbyist. That is it. CEO is Charman of the LA Democratic Party and a big time Blanco backer.

Yes, let's make sure we don't overlook the graft and corruption that LA Democratic Party Head will soon be enjoying... Except that every major news story had the Allbaugh-Bush connection and omitted the Blanco connection.


by the way, Haloscan offers a free commenting service that does allow IP blocking as well as editing and deleting.

And don't let whiny lefties try to claim that by blocking them you are a coward. There is an organized campaign underfoot in the lefty caves to flood conservative blogs with all kinds of crap.

I usually let them have their say and if they are not too disruptive, they can stay. But when you have four or five rising from the gates of hell to do little but scare away your good readers, I lower the boom.

As for the speech, I thought it was just fine. Would be nice to do a social experiement with a city like New Orleans. But unless we can pry the Dems hands off control of the thing it will be a lefty boondoggle and the resulting mess will be blamed on who???
If Frrport McMoRan can have the major contracts, you can eliminate some if not all of the graft and corruption. This org won't stand for it!
All of a sudden, anonymous comments are not allowed...great!
Social experiment ... sorry mike, but NO has been one big social experiment and look what it has produced. The nation and the world have been treated to weeks of the abyssmal failure of the left's welfare state and what it produces. How about this for a social experiment ... have everyone come back into the area and go to work. Put everyone to work building their own houses, business and schools. Let the right's ideology of pride and self worth in one's achievements be the social experiment for the ages. Get these people off of the government's dime and have them know what it is to have self respect.
(Then let PTF or Freeport MacMoRan rebuild the infrastructure.)
And as for the speech ... I'm sick and tired of the administration and the spineless right bowing before the left wing "media gods." Correct me if I'm wrong, but did W take responsibility for generations of failing on the left and its' inability to correct the "social inequities" that have been so sorely evident in NO? He should have taken the opportunity to call a spade a spade (no pun intended) and sent the left into a tailspin by pointing out the abject disgrace that the left's ideology created in NO. Undoubtly, the red states, and those of us red voters in the blue states, would have come away from the speech with more respect for him.
I missed the Speach, but my Wife told me about it.
So I am glad I didn't see it, Bush is taking blame where he should not have to, but I am sure his adviser's told him it would be a good move to get the Cry baby's and lefty's off his back a bit.

Now.....FYI I am origanally from the Mid west around Chicago, but I married a Cajun, so that is why I am down here in LA now just a couple hours from NO.
I am going to cut to the chase because what I have seen down here would take for ever to tell you!
And this post would be a mile long,
But I can tell you this,
It is not going to matter who rebuilds NO, Blanco and the "Good Ole Boys" she is a Puppet for are going to Skim the Crap out of what ever money that comes in!

In fact there are some that say Edwards is still in charge of LA politics from his cell.

The Chicago Mafia ( that doesn't exist ) could take lessons from these GOOD OLE BOYS down here!

And you can bet Nagin will get a little taste too!

But you won't hear about that!

I heard on WWL last night that they are still feeding Vienna Sausages and Crackers to the people in the New Iberia Red Cross Shelter!
I must have missed something but why are you advocating violence against people who mention Halliburton?

After all VP. Cheney's former company has already been awarded several no bid contracts in the area. Who does this serve?
As usual, liberals miss the point...Name the other two companies who can do what Hallib, Bechtel and FPM can do? And the answer is? And you can't take it. Argument over!
So you are for no-bid, cost plus contracts involving an obvious conflict of interest? Maybe there would be more capable companies if work wasn't blindly handed over to the VP's former company without any reasonable transparency. I think having a competitive market would serve the tax payers in this case, don't you?
You and everyone else continues to avoid the issue - what companies (US) can do the work on this scale - there are three! That is about it!
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