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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Senate Fails in Bid To Block Bush Mercury Plan

I'm stunned. President Bush wants to cut mercury emissions by 70% by 2018 - a worthy and sensible goal - anyone remember Minamata Bay, Japan? It's the same scheme that is used to cut acid rain pollution. Why did Congress veto this? Two words: Special Interest! Read:


Bravo, Mr. President. Take the lead on this legislation, damn the Special Interest and make an Exectuive Order to cut mercury emissions. And who says W ain't a friend of the environment?

Trust me the liberal environmentalists will find a way to say that Bush wants to cut mercury emissions in order to increase the output of oil in the Everglades or something as ridiculous as that. He can't win when it comes to the left!

Ken Taylor
Lord...you have a ton of blogs...how do you do it. I can't keep up with this one! Thanks for the comment!
Huh? It's easy for Bush to make environmental policy that he knows will never get implemented BECAUSE HIS OWN PARTY BLOCKS IT!

With politicians talk is meaningless, results count.
Did you read the sentence where I said that W needs to make this an Exec Order? Obviously not.
haha, I thought that was a joke especially after Ken Taylor tried to lay the blame on liberals with some twisted logic. Since when has Bush made a choice for the well being of the American populace at a loss to the desires of special interests?

Sorry but this is a no brainer. If you want a clean and healthy environment Vote Democrat.
Many people did and now we can't drill in AK or build refineries...thanks! Hope all them birds, frogs and snail darters are worth it when you can't drive to work!
I don't drive to work. Or drive at all for that matter. But that doesn't change the fact that drilling in Alaska would be a very short term solution to a serious long term problem. The fact that Bush can't even talk about conservation in a fuel crisis is insanity. We consume much more energy than we need to and all it would take is a little bit of leadership and ingenuity to take us off the track for destruction.
OT: But you have got to love this. Tom Delay declares victory over spending excess!

Now thats chutzpah!
Great find.
Too bad it doesn't matter when people like cold p have so much hate, it blinds them from seeing anything positive.

These folk won't be happy until they lower us to a 3rd world level.
Then we'll all be "equal".

Where do you see my Hate exactly? And I hate to break it to you but we only have headed towards 3rd world levels under Bush. Keep it up and some day we can have a society of the Ultra Rich and Ultra Poor with unlimited corruption and graft among the aristocracy, just like they do it in those paradises in Africa and Central America.
Sounds like the Clinton, Carter, Johnson and Kennedy years!
A perfectly factless assertion. I hope you won't take it personally if I don't feel enlightened.
The Democrats won't be protecting the environment any more than the Republicans. Both parties are beholden to huge corporations.
look at the EPA under Clinton then under Bush and make that same statement. I'm not denying that they are both beholden to corporations but the Republicans take screwing the environment to a whole different level. For instance EPA wants to ease toxic spill reporting.
Buddy - W loves trees - especially what you can make out of them! And boo - frickin - hoo! We are the most regulated country on the planet! Ain't nothing we gonna do comes close to the crap the EU, Russia, and China toss into rivers, oceans, wells, land and air. If you want to cry about your Mother-Earth - go protest in Beijing or Moscow - Tree Hugger! And if you really all broke-up over your Mother-Earth go to Brazil and try to get them people to stop cutting trees!
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