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Monday, September 12, 2005

Economies of Stupid

Imagine for a minute if Hillary, Pelosi, Byrd and the rest ran the Warren Commission. Can you imagine what would have come from the above group? Talk about conspiracy. Looking at the 12 Conclusions of the Warren Commission detailed and applying that to what we know about the Witchfinder Generals on the other side of the aisle, every wacko conspiracy theory we've heard would probably have come out in their own assessment of the Kennedy Assassination. I bet that they would have concluded that:
- Oswald was trained by Mossad and not the Marines
- Oswald received special sniper training against moving targets in open air automobiles
- Castro funded part or all of Oswald's training in the Marines
- the Mafia gave Oswald his weapon
- the Secret Service gave Oswald maps of probable high strike target platforms in Dallas
- There were more than three shooters
- Oswald and Ruby were born in Russia, smuggled into the US and trained by Soviet operatives
- Jack Ruby did not use real bullets and that he and Oswald are living in Yemen
- All eyewitnesses were paid for their testimony through secret Swiss Accounts

Now this cry about a 9/11 Commission type group to investigate the first few days of the Katrina relief would not by independent at all. In fact, the same people that screwed up that investigation would be charged with putting on paper something certainly not even close to having the same weight as 9/11 - sorry folks, the two just don't hold up. It was a storm, not terrorists hurling planes into buildings.

What the left realizes and won't admit is that once engaged, the President and all the relief efforts have been the best they can be considering the enormity of the situation. So, now we have an economies of scale on the stupid meter - the longer we move away from the first few days of inaction by Brown and the Keystone Cops in Homeland Security, the sillier the cries from the left become. I am not excusing away culpability of anyone group or person. I have written that W should kick-out Brown and anyone connected to the first few days of response. Equally guilty are Nagin and Blanco. Anyone defending what they did individually or collectively is blind.

If there is going to be an investigation, and I think there should be, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats should have anything to do with it. It should be a Warren type group - a group not connected in anyway to the current relief effort. How about a former group of retired Joint Chiefs? That seems to me to be the only non-partisan group with enough ability to conduct a Warren type investigation. It can't be done by anyone at State, DOD or other Cabinet function, let alone the conspiracy wonks on the left. All of this is fantasy and the subject of numerous hate comments (which I have already received by email) by those that live for this stuff. Still, the Republicans control both houses and the Whitehouse and the investigatory group will come from there. It's there prerogative. They have the majority. So, if the left wants to have its own investigation, it will have to wait until it wins back the Whitehouse. Yeah, right!

I like the idea of asking the former chiefs to do the investigation. They should have the clout, credibility, and organizational background to do a good job.
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