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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Brown Vs Board of Inquisition

Nice move today by W to get rid of Brown and put in the Coast Guard Admiral. The Coast Guard is bearing a huge burden in relief efforts in my home town.

I think W should have moved even further with this and I'll tell you why. I, like most arm-chair political commentators, at least know that sometimes politics is doing what is necessary, not what you know. Once the Katrina turned into South Florida and the track of the storm having an eerie parallel to Camille in 69, W should have federalized the entire planning, evacuation, and recovery phase of this disaster. In fact, by Wednesday - tops, W should have demanded to FEMA, Homeland Security, 'You've got two hours to get food and water and other necessities to the people on the ground or I'll fire everyone of you'

This tragedy is about leadership. Now many of you who read this blog know I will go to the wall for this administration. But there is a failure of leadership here that many on the right are in denial about. And before I get hate mail, this issue of leadership by-passes the state and local levels. At the end of the day, this is a national security issue that rest squarely on the shoulders of G W Bush. In the military, a commander is responsible for the actions of everyone under him. If any of them or anyone screws the pooch, there is hell to pay - and it rolls down hill! W is responsible for Brown being hired because W selected the men and women that selected Brown. I want to make that clear. W did not have to review browns resume en total, but the command structure surrounding W should have said this guy is either a putz or the next Guliani.

Politically, this was a good move on W's part to fire Brown. But it won't be enough for the left. And frankly it's not good enough for me. Less than four of the eight heads of the Homeland Security group actually have practical experience. These are political appointments. I want to see Homeland Security raised to the Cabinet Level.

It's time for W to step up and act like a Commander who adjusts plans, changes personnel and shows his troops that he can lead. I have faith W will get there. The relief work on the ground in LA is impressive - MS is starting to catch-up. But there is more butt-kicking that needs to take place. Pelosi and the other Witchfinder Generals will not be satisfied with just one offering.

Chertoff - you're next!

Geez, I keep on hooooooppppinnnnnng'
that the administration
but then
I witness all of the spending going on
I cannot keep working if this keeps up.
I'll be much better off
If I quit working
and let the government
pay my house payment
buy me clothes
and food.
lots of food
not the piddly amount of food that
I am able to work to my family's table.
Then I could use a new pair of glasses, uncle Sam, I can't afford to go to the optomertist now,
but if Uncle is paying
My back is getting weary from supporting all 0f the scum bag lazy mothers.
If I quit working............your welfare check won't get to you
oh kay
I am nothing but a hard working American
Excuse me for breathing
Yeah.........give 'em all more
More and more
more than they ever sought
I'll gladly work and work, sweat and sweat, so that they won't have to.
I mean;;;;;;;;
I mean
what really matters in America
It sure isn't hard work
or patriotism
for I have both
but all I get is taxed more
If I was a filthy drug dealing American hating scum bag......the Government would love me........
I am about ready to
Let the filth, scum and bums take over.
No worries GWB knows what he will do.

Lamestream media won't have that clue for some time.
My compliments on your post. I understand many of us have certain political allegiances, but it's always heartening to see that those aren't blind allegiances for everyone. We should always demand the best from our leaders. We especially need competent, experienced leadership in FEMA and Homeland Security since lives depend on their actions. I want the best man/woman for the job whatever their party affiliation.
Thanks M - no one can be blindsided to one of anything. Again, I know many are wnad will go the wall for the person he/shee supports. In the case of Katrina, I'm not happy with the way this has been handled. Now if the response, once it started, was as bad as not responding, this would be a different conversation. But it seems like it's coming together. Thanks for the comments!
This is a pretty horrifying timeline of how this disaster was handled. I'm really overwhelmed by the idea that these people are in charge of defending us in the event of another terrorist attack. The overwhelming incompetence is sickening.

As near as I can determine from the evidence I've seen, Brown's only 'sin' was the uncanny ability to stick his foot in his mouth. With legions of Bush-hating people in the media and Congress, this was a politcally dangerous trait.

Jack Kelly has a pretty good take on what FEMA did and didn't do; I think he's been a lot more fair than almost all the other various commentators out there.


The problem is that we really don't know that many facts about Katrina yet, and even if we did, there are few objective baselines for comparison. Apparently, the feds reacted much faster to Katrina than they did to Andrew in '92 despite the fact that Katrina (I think) tore up a LOT more real estate. Did the feds react as fast as they should have? Did they react as fast as they could have? Was their response 'slow' due to negligence and incompetence, or was it due to factors outside their control (such as Gov. Blanco)?

Time will tell.
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