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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ideas Win Elections, Mr Hume! Not Money

From FNC today: Federal records show that the Republican National Committee received over $100 million in contributions last year compared to $51 million raised by the Democratic National Committee. The GOP reported nearly $34 million in cash-on-hand over the Democrats $5.5 million... marking the largest dollar lead in the committees' histories. RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman claims the fundraising success is a sign of growing grassroots support for the president. The Democrats acknowledge the disparity, but say it looks big because of a $7 million contribution to the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races, which they won and the deployment of field organizers in all 50 states.

Brit, Brit, Brit...it's not the money that wins elections, it's ideas. This piece seems to be lifted right out of the DNC manifesto on communications used when Democrats lose elections. Don't buy it!

Ideas may win elections but only when money hasn't corrupted the process.
Wait a minute here.

What about all the money that Soros poured into MoveOn this last presidential election? Not to mention many other organizations flush with millions of union dollars with which to fight the Republican 'machine'?

They lost. Fair and square. If the moonbats continue with their stranglehold on the Democrat party they will continue to lose!
If we continue to allow money to corrupt the system, we all will continue to lose.
Again, it's ideas, Danny - not money!
You are right on a theoretical level, but only when the money is close.
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