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Friday, January 13, 2006

The New TSA Security ‘Puffer’ Blows!

I went through Dulles TSA Security last night. I was ‘puffed’ by the newest gadget for airport security screening.

Seems like the folks at TSA have partnered with Disney Imagineers to devise a way to make national security both safe and entertaining. This is the machine that blows air from head to toe in a verticle open chamber-like contraption designed to track explosive residue.

You can leave your shoes on…that is a bonus. But no one in my line was told that. So I had to put my shoes back on to get re-puffed. Then the air jets hit you. Pretty cool. With the all clear given, I then had to walk through the regular metal detector. And of course my shoes tripped the alarm. Then I had to go back to the puffer without my shoes, get puffed, put my shoes on the x-ray conveyor belt, and walk through the metal detector again.

Why can't the puffer do both? Puff and detect? TSA has just added another step forward in making us all safer.
Conclusion – The Puffer Blows!

I worked for the TSA for 3 yrs. It is the biggest waste of money in the world. I have never in my entire life worked for a more fucked up organization.
You can read all about the Dept of homeland insecurity at my blog. I posted many of my experiences as a member of the TSA including them having promoted a convicted felon to the spot of laison between the DHS and the FBI!
Do tell - and the last admin wanted to socialize healthcare...oh yeah...I want the same people who run the post office and AMTRACK to perform open heart surgery on me!
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