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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Liberal Jackass Quote Of The Day!

You have got to see this site.

In the internet sea of over information and look-a-like blogs, Poison Pero is bright light for the right side of the political blogsphere.

I have not visited this site as much as I should. But when I do, it makes me realize how unique this site is. Why? Most political blogs left and right simply regurge news items then pat themselves on the back. I strive to at least have most of what I post to be my own commentary or links to items that are not seen on the more popular conservative blogs. And I also try to link to other sites that do the same like
Razor Sharp Claws, Conservative UAW Guy, Illuminated Obscurity, Say No to PCBS, Hoohaw Wife, Mike's America, Latino Conservative Blog. (Time and space preclude a complete listing of the links I have on my site, so please do not feel offended - all the sites I have listed are top notch!)

If Poison Pero keeps his content and theme on his current course, he certainly will never fall into the snooty and stale category. Major kudos from me for Poison Pero. It's original, funny as hell, and slap in the face to all political blogs - left and right!

Give it a visit. It's Great!

WOW!!!! That is some great compliment.

I do try to do my thing a little different than everyone else for a couple reasons.

1. You are right, they do all start to look alike
2. I think most people get bored with long drawn out yip-yapping, and most of us are short on time as it is....Sometimes short and sweet is the best way to go.

I hope you know this is my #2 blog......I have 3 others.

#1 = The Right is Right

#3 = This Day in History

#4 = Medal of Honor Recipients

I don't know if you've been to them or not, but if not you really should.

Again thanks for the kind words.
Thnaks for the hat tip..... : )
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