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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lawmaker hits incursions by Mexico military

‘Overblown’ and ‘Scare Tactics’ These are the words Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff used to describe the outcry of Rick Renzi R-AZ when he sent a letter to Condi about the illegal border crossings occurring in his state. Read The Whole Thing.

Chertoff said, "Sometimes they may be people who are dressed in what appear to be military uniforms but they are just criminals, they are not military but they are wearing camouflage so someone may assume they are military,"

"We have good relations with our counterparts across the border, we do have instances where we have Mexican police or military who deserted and become involved with criminal activity but we also have bad cops in the United States, too. It happens,"

OMG – What if the crossers are not ditch diggers and military deserters? What if these are real members of the corrupt Mexican military smuggling in people, weapons, drugs, terrorists who pay as much as 8K to cross into the US?

…’we also have bad cops in the United States, too. It happens.’

You absolute moron…what a slap in the face to anyone connected to law enforcement and the brave men and women who try to plug the leaks on our porous border. And the fact that you are acknowledging that this is happening makes it criminal!

So since it just happens, Mr Chertoff, let’s have everyone cross unabated…let them all in. Send the Border Patrol home, dismantle the gates, don’t check anymore cars, and let the ones we know who are here illegally stay here forever.

We are being invaded and all our Homeland Security Chief can say is that it happens?

Deploy the National Guard and all available active duty units from TX to CA - shoot to kill, we are being invaded. This is War!

I'm terribly upset about this. I have to write to this dickhead - Chertoff - and give him a piece of my mind.

I am SO upset about the border. In fact, Vicente Fox (AND Chertoff) can kiss my white American as.....excuse me. I tend to use colorful language on my blog and don't mean to use it on yours.
You inspire as well and a Bravo to you too :)

However I am with Monica on this one and spiting nails!!!
The head of the Border Patrol was on Nannity I believe thats who I was listening to, anyway he was on the Radio and was quite pissed at Chrtoffs statements. He said his officers know damn well who they are encountering and it most definitly is the Mexican Army.
I've been saying for years, close the friggin' border. Shoot to kill those caught BREAKING THE LAW, crossing the border. North, and south.

I am so tired of pandering to the corrupt south of the border governments.(Note the plural.)

Multi-million dollar fines to those caught hiring/employing illegals(per offense). And immeadiate deportation for those here illegally.

As my blog say's Say no to P.C.B.S., law officers should not have any problem asking ANYONE for I.D., and if you can't show I.D. off you go.

And before anyone here flames me for being racist, think of it from my persepctive.

My husband is from London. He came here on a legal visa. We met. He went back to England when his visa expired. He came back again under a legal visa. etc, etc. Then we got married, we filed mountains of paperwork, waited in ridiculously long lines, and paid a load of dough (we barely had), to obtain legal residency for my hubby. 7 years later, he's still just a resident, not a citizen, and they want to grant amnesty to those here illegally????!!!!????

Anyone who doesn't do what we did needs to go, NOW. It never crossed our minds to break the law.

And my husband came here with nothing but a suitcase and his cute booty. So there is no argument on the whole,"but they come here for a better life." debate. He did, but he did it legally. He had nothing, but made something of himself, and he isn't/wasn't breaking the law while doing so.

Oh, and in California, our state constitution states that our legal language is English, I don't care where you're from, come here, learn the language or go. If I moved to France tomorrow (LOL), I would do everything in my power to have a good grasp of the language before my plane landed.
You are right Jenn and I've spoken with hispanic immigrants who immigrated the LEGAL way who resent the amnesty. I've heard that Bush is trying to get the hispanic vote by taking the position he is taking - which I disagree with HEARTILY - and I don't think it will help him.
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