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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Latino Rosenbergs (comments embedded)

AP - Jan 9, 2006 A Florida college professor and his wife, a university administrator, were accused in federal court Monday of using their academic positions for decades as cover to spy on Americans for Cuba's communist government. (and the media continues to piss and moan about W listening in on conversations of foreigners)

Carlos Alvarez, 61, a psychology professor (code word for loser) at Florida International University, and Elsa Alvarez, 55, used an encryption system to communicate with their handlers via short-wave radio and carried messages to and from Cuba, said federal prosecutor Brian Frazier. (why is this not espoinage since they used devices for gathering and transmitting information to a country on our enemy's list?)

"These were highly placed and very well-regarded operatives in the United States," Frazier said. The couple were charged with acting as agents of Fidel Castro without registering with the U.S. government. (straight to hanging!)

Frazier said Alvarez had spied for Cuba since 1977 and his wife since 1982. Neither was charged with the more serious offense of espionage, and FBI agents said there was no evidence they provided classified or military information to Cuba.
(isn't the transmission of private infromation to a foregin hostile gvt espionage?)

Much of what they provided involved information about the U.S. political situation, prominent Cuban-Americans in South Florida and the names of at least one FBI agent, Frazier said.
The couple were ordered held without bail Monday after prosecutors warned that they might leave their five children and flee to Cuba if released.

Neither defendant entered a plea, and another hearing was set for Jan. 19. They were arrested Friday, months after giving statements to the FBI last summer about their contacts with Cuba, prosecutors said.
(why isn't this national news? a perfect example of the rights of our gvt to spy on anyone)

Alvarez is identified on the Florida International Web site as an associate professor in the educational leadership and policy studies department. Elsa Alvarez is described as a coordinator in the social work training program, specializing in psychological treatment, crisis intervention and group psychotherapy. (you can acutally major in this bilge?)

The indictment marks the latest turn in the cloak-and-dagger underworld of espionage between the United States and Cuba, much of it taking place in South Florida where thousands of Cuban exiles live.

In August, the convictions and sentences of five alleged Cuban spies were thrown out by a federal appeals court, which said the five were unfairly tried because of intense publicity, community prejudice and inflammatory remarks by prosecutors. (and why isn't that judge in jail - probably since he was appointed by Clinton) The defendants insisted they were spying on Cuban exiles opposed to Castro, not on the United States itself.
(this is treason - public execution is not good enough for these communists - of course I want them to have a fair trial, found guilty, then hanged)

Hey Jeb, revoke FIU's charter and call for a federal investigation of all non-citizen proffs in all FL Schools!

Burn em.
When they get convicted, I guess the court will decide what to do with the children who are not legal age...

I would hope that they get life w/o parole. I don't want them deported, because they can carry 25 years of data back to El Presidente.

They need to rot in the Fed Big House forever!
Gimmie a break. You are telling me that this use of NSA wiretap on soething that has nothing to do with Al-Queda justifies Bush spying on Americans? It actually catches Bush in a lie. Why isn't the MSM screming about that?

These folks were doing little more than writing reports about dangerous terrorist groups that operate with impunity in Miami, as well as the political situation there. This was all public information, related to the defense of the Cuban people (many of whom are victims of Miami violence). This had NOTHING to do with anti-US or national security issues. There were no secrets passed.

Are you telling me it is ok to arrest people based on writing articles for an enemy government?? If so, you should have absolutely no problem with Castro having jailed 75 so-called "political prisoners" in 2003 for the exact same thing... except they were being paid by the US Government (the Alvarez's go nothing in return) and they were trying to bring down the Government at the service of the United States... clearly a national security issue for Cuba. The right wing Cuban hypocrisy is so obvious to everyone but the right.
I have no problem with the gvt doing what it needs to do, just like the previous generations before us had no problems with what they had to endure in war time like all mail being opened and read from overseas in WWII - how's that for your invasion of privacy?

...'dangerous terrorist groups' And what is the fate of those in Castro's Hospitality Suites? The sooner you move to Havana, the quicker you can calm down and live in your glorious socialist paradise.

Buen Viaje, Comrade!
Ask the Japanese if they had a problem with what "we had to do" during WWII. Ask those wrongly imprisoned for years by the US without trial, who get nothing but an apology letter. But your "military is always right" ilk always supports oppression.

And I didn't expect a real answer from you, your "move to Cuba" reply is par for the course.
Have you studied the attorcities the Jap committed against civilians, let alonw what it did to us and our allied troops in the Bataan Death March...just say you hate America and get it over with.

And yes, Comrade, you should get to the nearest Soviet Satellite as soon as possible - try Berkley or Madison WI. If those places won't have you, Canada is just a bit to the north. Or if you like to swim, get on a raft and float past Cubans who come here to be free!

Have A Nice Day!
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