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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Senate Judiciary To Confirm Alito

I am probably going to get lots of disagreement on this, but I don't think that advertisements for the approval or disapproval of a Supreme Court nominee should be on television. Even if I agree that Alito is a good pick, I still do not think its right. Here’s why: First, a nominee is not a popularly elected official. This is not Kerry vs. Bush. Alito is being nominated for a position; he is not being elected by the hoi polloi. Second, having partisan advertisements on television extends the nastiness of special interests and fuels Americans distaste for such groups. And isn't a little less partisanship a good thing?

The Senate Judiciary Committee begins hearings next week. And in front of this nomination, groups on either side of this nomination will run ads in favor or against Alito. And what affect will these ads have? Nothing. These ads are folly at best since it is Congressman who decide if any USSC nominee gets confirmed. And since Senators are already aligned with groups on either side, what is the point of having the ABA say Alito is great while People For The American Way say Alito is a total git?

Help me understand why ads for political appointments need to be aired. I just don’t get it. Its bad politics and a waste of time, talent and money.

I could not agree more with your summation. You're right-on! Further, the Senate's job is to advise and consent in this case, not disagree and dissent.

Bush (and those of us who elected him) have the right to nominate whomever for the Court. For the crybaby liberals, a la Pelosi, Schumer et al, too bad -- you lost the last two elections. Get over it. When you win again -- if you ever do -- then it's your turn to nominate another Ginsburg or her clone.
I like how Alito is a dangerous extremist, and Ginsberg was a labeled main-stream and centrist.

I have to go barf now...
Since I don't have cable tv, I have spared my family of the pain of watching these commercials.
But the purpose of the ads is to get folks to call/write/harass their senator into voting for/against Judge Alito.
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