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Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Christmas Wish Come True!

On my Christmas Wish List (see post further down), one of my wish fors was to ‘Never put a microphone in front of any athlete or coach within 48 hours of any sports event.’

The Rose Bowl game was not even thirty seconds old when an ABC reporter put a microphone in front of USC QB Matt Linert’s face and asked him what he just thought about losing. In Linert’s typical athlete-playground-brogue he said that 'USC still had a better team than UT.' Are you kidding? You just got your butt kicked up and down the field, got out-coached, out-trick-played, out-heismaned, showed no heart, and you think you’re still a better team? What stinks about Linert’s ‘I’m gonna take my ball and go home’ crybaby statement is that it was forced - ABC shoved a microphone in his face and wanted immediate reaction on national television. Simply horrible.

The commentary by ABC after the game was just as bad. The three person ESPN crew (Man, I hate Corso – FSU git…ok, he did coach at Navy, but he’s still a git) lamented that there might have been ‘too much hype’ about this game and USC in particular. What? The sports media created the hype, invested, marketed and sold the hype, talked incessantly about the '3-peat', Reggie Bush, 'Carroll The Great' and 'Linert The Brave' for over six weeks. After it’s over and the media favorite lost, the fellas on the panel said there might have been too much hype? God, the sports culture in this country is sick!

What a great game! And what a validation that no team West of the Mississippi (except Texas) should be in the College Top 25 in anything. USC is pansy program in a pansy conference with a pansy non-conference schedule. If Linert’s right, let him live and play in the SEC or Big 10 week in and week out and try and prove that his team is still better than those that did not lose bowl games. He certianly can’t live in the Big 12 – we know what the better team is.

Ya'll Hooked 'Em Horns! Sa'lute!

Congrats on the big win! Being a resident of Dallas, TX, I'm happy to see the local boys put one over on the Left Coast.
USC probably had the better horses overall but, man! USC sure did not have a thoroughbred like UT!

What a game!
Besides UF winning the National Title vs Free Shoes U in 95, this was the best college football game I have ever seen.
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