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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Public Disgrace

The real issue here in the Alito Hearings is that the hearings need to go on infinitum…the nation needs to continue to see who represents your state in the Senate in particular and the Democratic Party in general - day after day, rambling after rambling, innuendo after innuendo…

I do not take exception to the right of the committee to question any nominee about RvW, civil rights, privacy rights (which is not in the Constitution), pending cases, etc. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect such questions. But as a BFOQ (that’s a bona fide occupational qualification for all you Democrats), why is membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton such a concern? It’s enough to be asked, but certainly not anything to dismiss him for – even if he used it to pad a resume (and for those lefties that have jobs who read this, fess up and claim you’ve never padded a resume – I have, so what!) Certainly anyone like Teddy can’t say anything about youthful indiscretions!

Propriety! A word Kennedy, Chuckie Boy, and the DE Plug-Head-Plagiarist never met!

What I saw today made me sick. Even I would not have done that to a Democrat nominee - and I hate everyone of them!


I am still remembering Borg and how he was treated.

The Democrats only showed thier real face and now they are the asses!
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