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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pic Of The Week

Doing The Work Of...

I really wouldn't be surprised if those three countries banded together in the next decade or two to form another Soviet Union.

Life was a lot better when it was us vs the ussr. I continue to read how the soviet's army and navy is crumbling. This is a scary proposition for the west. Who has the keys to the missiles? How many weapons are being sold to islamo-wackos and others? And, most importantly, how much longer will the military put up with this before someone says, enough. It's difficult to imagine the possibility of civil war other than the regualr Chechyn uprisings, but it's quite possible. If I was living there, I'd be in the Ukraine - it has all the food and half the tanks and missiles.

Das vadanya
Sounds like the time may be right for China to move on in.
I don't know. China seems hung up on Taiwan for some reason. China is out of land and energy. It needs oil. Thumping Taiwan isn't going to solve that problem.
I have this pic on my fridge!!!!!!
and it's the safest fridge in the US!

he is ready for the one world Govt, is he not!!!

He too can wear a blue helmet for Bush!!!!!!

After all, Bush is a bid NWO kinda guy, hiding behind the comboy hat and twang
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