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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

List of celebrities with links to the U.S. Republican Party

You might be surprised at the list of celebrities with links to the Republican Party. I was. I knew most of the folks on this list. But there are some that really opened my eyes:

Ernie 'The Big Cat' Ladd - the most feared wrestler ever!
Adam Baldwin (the unemployed one)
Ted 'The Million Dollar Man' DiBiase - one of my favorite wreslters!
Jim Caviezel (I was stunned with this one!)
Shannon Doherty (probably a condition of rehab!)
Kelsey Grammer (probably a condition of rehab!)
Shirley Jones - Mrs Partidge
Don Mattingly and Alex Rodriquez (I still hate baseball!)
Tony Sirico (The Sopranos)
Lynn Swan (He won't ever get a prime broadcasting seat since he's a friend of the right)
Jerome Bettis
Meat Loaf (probably made a promise to never sing 'Anything For Love' ever again to join the GOP)
John Ryes Davis (Indiana Jone's buddy - and 'Macro' to all you 'I Claudius' PBS fans)
Grace Slick (does she even remember the 70s?)
The Ultimate Warrior (I thought he died of steroids?)
Andy 'Ocean's 11 and 12' Garcia (I still think he was the best actor in 'The Untouchables' besides Sean Connery)
Kim Alexis (who says models are dumb?)
Chaka Khan - I 'Feel For You' baby!

To be fair and balanced, here is the legion of doom on the other side

Interestin !!
It's a great list...it's necessary to know if there are any conservatives in non-political roles/jobs. And there are more celebrities on the list than I originally thought (save the ones that have gone to that Big Casting Call in the sky like, Walt Disney, William Holden, Kirk Douglas, etc.)
Chaka Khan?!?! Awesome! I am also most gratified to hear that "Animal Mother" (who I emulated in the service as a heavy machine gunner, right down to wearing "I am become death" on my helmet) is a right wing extremist like me!

I'm gonna go groove to "I Feel For You" right now!
Cato, Cato...where have you been. Long time since you graced the posts of my little blog. Gald to see you're back in the world.

I alwas liked 'God is My Point Man.'
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