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Monday, March 27, 2006

NCAA 2006 Men's Basketball Final Four - Apologies To Three Teams, Please

And The World Turned Upside Down – this is allegedly the song the Brits played when they gave up Yorktown and lost the Colonies to Loopy King Georgie. In fact, the Brits were so upset about the defeat of its gentleman army to farmers, Lord Cornholio Wallis could not face the surrender and sent his subordinate to relinquish his sword.

And so to must CBS play the same song - really loud! The World Has Turned Upside Down, Mr William Packer, CBS, CNN, ESPN, and all other Big East and ACC (Almost Completely Competitive Conference) media concerns. For the first time since 1981, there is not a #1 seed in the Final Four. And to the selfish delight of myself, there is no ACC or Big East team. Thank God.

For those that read this blog, you know of my disdain for anything trendy in the hero worship dept. like recently when all the darlings of the media for the Olympics were sent packing – Kwan, Apollo, that downhill fella, etc.

So the sound of silence is deafening from all the blathering band-wagon, Dukie, and BC ninnies…

Long Live The Underdogs. Geaux Tigers, Go Gators, Go Patriots!

And the World Turned Upside Down!

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