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Friday, May 19, 2006

Reggie Bush Donates 50K To New Orleans High School

New Orleans Saints - After learning about the financial hardships of a local New Orleans school dedicated to educating the city's students with learning differences, New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush decided to donate $50,000 to Holy Rosary High School. The contribution is the first by Bush, after spending his first weekend in New Orleans attending rookie minicamp.

With the goal of making an immediate impact in the community, Bush utilized the New Orleans Saints and his partnership with sports giant adidas to look for opportunities to positively affect his new home of New Orleans. After hearing about the financial challenges facing the thriving Academy, Bush decided to get involved.

"When I first arrived here in New Orleans, I immediately knew I needed to do something to help and when you look at the Holy Rosary School, it is more than simply a school it is an important part of the community," said Bush. "My relationship with Adidas has helped me to be able to really step out and try to get even more involved with the community. There is a lot that needs to be done and I know I can't do it all, but the little I can do is just enough for Holy Rosary."

Holy Rosary serves the needs of students who face learning challenges in a typical classroom environment. The school offers hands-on learning and cross-curricula that is designed to provide students with alternative ways to learn mainstream subjects in a smaller classroom setting.

Who Says Athletes Don't Care?

Good post...
Not all of our high paid Athletes are bad... Like you point out in this post... a lot of them do a lot of good...
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