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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Israeli forces take over abandoned settlements in northern Gaza

Read. Now the IDF should seal the area, mine everything it can and leave. Or better yet, establish a forward operational post in re-occupied gaza.

Shema Israel!

Abandoned by Israelites, not Palestinians. They usually don't even wait for them to become abandoned before taking them over, or sending a missile into them.
Appeasement has worked yet again. When will the world learn?
Military action is working well around the globe. When will the World learn?
Israel should never have given up Gaza. But now that Israel is sweeping Gaza, it should make it uninhabitable. The only presence Israel should have there is military. After a few years, then it can resettle it.
If Israel would go back to it's pre-1967 borders and leave all the Palestinian land and settlements etc and take down that damn wall, then if the Palestinians continued to drop missils onto them, they they would have all the justification in the world for what they are doing. But to do it over land they have occupied and built on in direct defiance of the UN and everyone else then you can blame Palestinians for not liking them a great deal?
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