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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Two World Wars and One World Cup - Doo Dah, Doo Dah!

Sing the title of this post to the tune of the Camptown Ladies.

The Brits did and it's one of the best 'get in your face/head' songs I have heard in years. In fact, I think it's so powerful, that when the Brits were singing it in spite of their embarassing departure from the World Cup, it got into the heads of the German players and Bosche press so much that Germany could not beat the Italians today.

...Two World Wars and One World Cup - Doo Dah...Doo Dah!

The Eyeties kicked some serious Uber Bums today.

Viva Italia!

The italians were dirty little cheaters like the portugeezers. Vive le France- which is mostly the Arsenal team anyway. We also now like the Germans. Lehmann, also Arsenal, is a mentalist.
You're right...as I posted earlier, I'd love to see Klinsman be our next head coach. The SAs proved once again they can't win in Europe. If you're going to beat the Euros, you have to play like the Euros. Bruce Arena never got it, player talent aside.

So hire the Bosche to beat the Bosche.

As for the Frenchies, let them eat cake! Politics and a deslike of the Gauls from years of business and personal 'interaction' with them makes me pick the Italians. Even if the whole Arsenal team played the Italians, I still don't think France can score a goal.

Prediction: Italy 2 - France 0
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