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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30, 1933

Anyone remember these two dung beetles?

Today, in 1933, Schikelgrubber became Chancellor of Germany. Twelve years into the Thousand Year Reich and some 80 million dead later, the world was rid of what Patton called, 'a paper hanging son of a bitch.'

Why did it take so long for this boil to be lanced? Because Europe did nothing. Britain, France, and even the Germans themselves did nothing to stop him. Numerous plots were hatched. Numerous plots failed, especially the one that
Claus von Stauffenberg put in action in 1944 which was the closest to killing him.

There are men like Hitler that should not be allowed to live. Saddam Hussein was one of them. The Bush Administration should be given a special place in history for taking out this megalomaniac sob. The world is better off without SH. The US had the guts and resolve to allow the Iranian people to exact the justice justified to rid that country and the world of him. If the Europeans had the guts and resolve to do the same thing soon after 1933, how many people would still be alive today?

Thanks for letting me know you are still alive :)

I've been reading Churchill's history of the Second World War and just covered the portion about Munich with Chamberlain.

I did not know that the German Generals had prepared a coup and arrest of senior Nazis to take place before they learned that Chamberlain was flying to Munich.

They put their plans on hold to see if Chamberlain would be so stupid as to hand over Czechoslovakia.

He was, the Generals shelved their plans and the rest is history.
I wish the two Chech Special Ops guys that took out Heydrich could have done the same thing to AH.

What killed Hydrich was not the blast from the bomb that took out his car, it was the horse hair in the seat blown into his skin that was not removed and became infected.

I read Churchills works...I only made to the third book. And there are mountains of critics of his works, especially this one. I don't know enough about the critics claims, esp the blunders they catlaog from his time as Sec of the Navy to carpet bombing Germany. All I can think of is what WWII would have been like without Churchill- for the Brits, the US, and the continents he helped liberate.
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