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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fair and Balanced News In Cuba

The Cuban Ministry of Information has issued a statement saying that Hurricane Dennis did not affect Cuba. Cuban Government Spokesman, Antonio Cabrerra Vargas, stated today, 'No one has died, and in fact, it's snowing.'

Dennis was a blizzard? Now that's quite a 'hurricanane' - as Jerry Clower would call it.
Yeah, luckily we can count on our government to tell the truth.

White House Web site, September 16 2003:
Q On the Robert Novak-Joseph Wilson situation, Novak reported earlier this year -- quoting -- "anonymous government sources" telling him that Wilson's wife was a CIA operative. Now, this is apparently a federal offense, to burn the cover a CIA operative. Wilson now believes that the person who did this was Karl Rove. He's quoted from a speech last month as saying, "At the end of the day, it's of keen interest to me to see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs." Did Karl Rove tell that --

MR. McCLELLAN: I haven't heard that. That's just totally ridiculous. But we've already addressed this issue. If I could find out who anonymous people were, I would. I just said, it's totally ridiculous.

Q But did Karl Rove do it?

MR. McCLELLAN: I said, it's totally ridiculous.
So the freedom of press and information is the same in Cuba as it is here? How many CNN and FOX stations does Cuba have? Thanks for the comment!
No, Cuba is way worse. But it doesn't mean we aren't on our way.

The media is consolidating rapidly under Michael Powells FCC corporate give aways. Freedom of information is declining as Christian Conservatives and their beneficiaries in the governement decide what is 'decent'. Meanwhile between missing white women and shark attacks, high ranking traitors and Osama Bin Laden don't qualify as newsworthy. To me, that is 'indecent'.

I'm sure politicians have always lied but outing a CIA agent who was investigating WMD's for political reasons is below reprehensible.

But I do agree that Fox is the closest thing we have to Cuban newsmedia :-).
You think FOX is like State Controlled Media? Hum. Well, have you seen PBS lately? I agree with you that the content of news is not really news. The Big 3 have not had real news since the early 90s when CNN took off. I like FOX, but it's slipped into what CNN was like before 9/11 - pseudo news. As far are freedom of information, the marketplace has never been more wide open that it has now. This is a case of basic economics and supply and demand. The Big 3 stink because their product is doo doo. The same goes for Clinton News Netowrk 1, 2 and MSNBCeaslessly boring. Looks like the only channel the 'vast right-wing' conspiracy has is FOX. And guess what? No one from Washington told me to watch it.
1) I never said Fox was state controlled news.

Again I would ask that you try to refrain from mis-stating my arguments.

2) We do agree that network news is mediocre at best. However I would challenge you to name one of the other major networks that comes even remotely close to the partisan hackery of fox news. Fox News regularly acts as a propaganda outlet for this administration, the same thing conservatives regularly lambasted other networks for doing with the Clinton Administration. So which is it, is ok or not ok for the news to be partisan? Or is it only ok when it suits the side you agree with?
Propaganda Outlet...uhm...that's a good one. Of all the things Fox has been called, propaganda is news to me. So you ahve evidence that FOX is being fed stories from the current administration to run? You can name sources who have used plugola and playola on stories. If FOX is the voice of the current Admin, then PBS is the voice of the left and it uses my tax money to do it! From Garrison Keillor to Jim L. and all the lefties on NPR, at least FOX never has a campaign drive nor does it use gvt money to advance its opinion. And if FOX and AM Radio are really propaganda outlets serving the left, are you able to say with a straight face that CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR are balanced and have differing points of view. Nope. You can't cause it can't be done. The poster boy of bad journalistic behavior, Dan Rather, has said I AM A DEMOCRAT. Walter Cronkite - I AM A DEMOCRAT. Peter Jennings - I AM A DEMOCRAT. Tom Brokaw - I AM A DEMOCRAT. So right there FOX is out numbered 3 (stations) to 1. Is that the kind of fairness you're talking about? If we use your defintion, FOX is equal time.
Alright, now you're just messing with me right? Did you read what I wrote? I'll copy it here.

1) I never said Fox was state controlled news.

As for proof of payola, I'm really not sure why you even brought this up. I said Fox acts as a Propaganda outlet for the administration. All this means is that Fox repeats spin, sometimes word for word that comes from this administration. They consistently represent the conservative viewpoint, call it news, and then have the nerve to say they are 'Fair and Balanced'.

So I will go back to what I said in the previous post since I really meant it as a serious question.
Fox News regularly acts as a propaganda outlet for this administration, the same thing conservatives regularly lambasted other networks for doing with the Clinton Administration. So which is it, is ok or not ok for the news to be partisan?
And to answer some of what you said I will with full confidence say that Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and even the much Reviled Dan Rather are far more impartial than Fox's Brit Hume or Bill O'Reilly (Not a real anchor but he likes to pretend). Party affiliation does not make some one biased. Actions speak a lot louder than the box they checked during voter registration.

click, read, expand your worldview...
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