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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Does anyone know if the Brits show the American series COPS? If not, it should be. Or maybe the Brits have their own version. If anyone can help with this answer, please post.

What’s the point? The tragedy of the train rider who took a few in the head and chest is boiled down to three facts:

A) Don’t look like a suspect (dress like you’re not carrying a bomb in a train!)
B) Don’t run from the police
C) Don’t hang-out at a house where bad guys live

COPS is nothing but lessons about not running from the Police and acting stupid. But, wait and see. There will be more press coverage over the fella who got shot than there is about the actual bombing(s). Watch, it will happen.

This man who was shot may be innocent, but that does not mean he should not have been treated as a suspect. And that is exactly what Scotland Yard did, and rightfully so. This guy was tagged as a probable baddie since he was in the same house as other known bad guys. And in these days of heightened tensions, this guy could have been the Pope and still should have been ‘Hooked and Booked’ if he ran from the Bobbies or came waltzing out of a known safe house for terrorists!

Oh Well – Terrorist 52 / Good Guys 1

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