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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Here is how it works:

- Create a new Cabinet Position - Department of Adoptive Children and Parenting
- New Supreme Court Justices tilt court balance and overturn Roe V Wade
- Modify law so that taking a child to term is encouraged – stipends, classes, medical bills, etc.
- All children must be given up for adoption – penalties, fines, jail-time if they are not
- DACAP is administering authority for tracking adoptive children
- Current adoption laws eased/re-written to speed-up baby-to-home timeline to clear-out current wait list
- Abolish foreign adoption
- Babies will be given to Gay and Lesbian adoptive parents in alternating fashion with Straight couples (Straight > Gay > Straight > Gay)

What a great idea! This is a win-win for everyone!

Criticism #1 – You’re encouraging alternate lifestyles - No, I am encouraging life! With the abolition of abortion, 1.5 million babies each year would still be alive. And isn’t any loving, caring couple better then no life at all?

Criticsm #2 – You’re encouraging Gay Marriage - No, I am encouraging life! I’ve never advocated gay marriage. A case could be made that allowing adoption by single-sex couples is a de facto family model of the majority of Americans and therefore they should be allowed to be married. Nope. You still can’t marry with this scheme, but all state recognition still applies. And since the Gvt is granting the ability to swiftly adopt children, does marriage really matter? I predict that the cry for gay marriage will ease since they can now adopt children faster.

Criticism #3 – The pace of parents eligible to adopt will be exceeded by the number of available children – Nope – with the alternating schedule of straight > gay and the ease of adoption rules, this scheme will encourage more people willing to adopt – There number of couples willing to adopt is well over the number of babies murdered each year. You can add whatever the new number of gay and lesbians to the mix, so there should be more couples available than children.

Criticism #4 – You’re engendering alternate lifestyles to the next generation of future parents – No, there is no study that proves that children who are raised by single sex couples chose that lifestyle as adults.

Criticism #5 – You’re encouraging baby machines for Gvt money. No, I am encouraging life! And with declining birth rates in this nation and all western countries, isn’t having more babies a good thing?

Will any of this happen? No. Is it an interesting way to look at the crisis of abortion and RVW? Yes. Who knows. Everyone wins, even the babies!

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