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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Viva Fox!

I can’t pass this up. I posted a silly quip about disinformation and tied it to Hurricane Dennis and Cuba. Pretty funny, actually, and not far from the kind of stuff that comes out of Cuba. Most people thought it was funny. One person said send it Leno. But there were some who still can’t laugh at anything funny, especially if it’s directed at someone as forthright as Fidel.

Here’s the kicker. The first response was trying to draw a parallel that a state run information machine like Cuba is in some way the same as our Gvt. There is not enough space on my Blog to dignify that. But it gets better from there. Once mugged with the truth that the US is not Cuba as it relates to Gvt disinformation, my post was greeted with, ‘We (the US) are on our way!’ ‘Fox is the closet ‘thing we have to Cuban styled news’

Laughable on its face since this person has probably never watched FOX and probably never listens to NPR or PBS, which both take my tax money and use it to report news that is leftist and rarely has an alternate opinion. I dare anyone reading this to tell me of more than five people in the management ranks on both NPR and PBS who are either registered Republican or voted Republican in the last election. It’s a hunch, but I bet none of them did. (All public funding for PBS should be pulled. Let our markets work and let PBS survive in the marketplace of ideas and compete with all other media outlets. We’ll see how long it lasts without Uncle Sugar’s big wallet propping it up year after year. Sorry Big Bird!)

Now, on to the bad people at FOX. This person is probably referring to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Brit Hume and John Gibson. Bill O’Reilly routinely invites lefties on his show, but amazingly, most don’t have the guts to show-up. Hannity and Colmes routinely have lefties on the show and they banter back and forth for a few minutes and move to a new topic. (CNN has the same format as well and its quite entertaining. Chirs Matthews show does the same thing and I like watching it). Gibson is a rightie who rarely has anyone on his hour long show. The less said about Gretta Van S. the better. She, unfortunately, has not been a journalist since she left CNN; all she does is chase the latest juicy People story and tries to pass it off as news. (If I don’t see another story about that 18 year old girl whose idiot parents let her vacation to a foreign country unsupervised, it will be a billion years too soon). The morning show on FOX is talk format and pretty one sided, I have to grant that – and it blows the doors off of anything else in ratings. It’s great.

What do we have, 6 hours out of each day that right of center opinion is broadcasted. And even in that time, alternate opinions are aired. The rest of the time is spent with cat up a tree stuff that gets people hooked to watch the real segments that garner all the ratings. And, let’s face facts, folks: it’s all about ratings. If it wasn’t, all stations left and right would either be off the air or begging for federal funds like PBS and NPR if ratings did not matter.

The bottom line is, the left can’t handle the fact that there is an alternate source of opinion, and it drives you guys nuts. I love it. I absolutely love it. I love to watch the hate spewed at FOX, Limbaugh, Boortz, and talk radio. Hey, do you lefties remember the ‘Hush Rush’ bills in Congress in the early 90s? You all hated the right’s rise in prominence of public opinion so much you tired to legislate ‘fairness.’ I’m laughing as I type this since its so bloody absurd. You guys can’t swallow the fact that the Big 3 have lost viewers to FOX. You guys can’t take the fact that readership in major paper markets is way down. Why? Because the monopoly you have on the press is being eroded by differing opinion. You all LOVE the 1st Amendment when it suits a liberal tilt. But when someone has the guts to call a liberal a liberal, then you guys go crazy and try to squash free speech.

One of my responders called FOX ‘Partisan Hackery’ and ‘Propaganda.’ I dared the person who posted that to name a source from the current administration who forced anyone on FOX to air a biased story in favor of W. That challenge, like most challenges to the left was met with, well, nothing. (I will have another post about Propaganda soon)

I have conceded that FOX is right of center and I’ll continue to do so as long as you lefties admit that the BIG 3, and CNN, NPR and PBS are liberal and are run by liberals. Once you can admit to that, you can stop the name calling and try to gain back the ratings you once enjoyed before FOX came onto the scene.

One more thing. Even if I agree that FOX is right of center (and it is, and I do - and I don't agree with everything that FOX puts out on the air) you lefties are doing the American Public a huge disservice. Do you really think the American public needs to be shielded from FOX news? Do you think that the public is that stupid that it can’t make up its own mind when it comes to consumption of news stories? When did the most powerful weapon in a free society, choice, stop? If you don’t like the message, your basic cable has over seventy-five stations of choice. If you don’t like it, change the flipping station. FOX NEWS, one little station in a sea of over-information, is outnumbered in spades compared to the Gvt run PBS, NPR, and privately funded CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and most newspapers in the US. Change the bloody station. Or better yet, try to counter FOX with better news alternatives. If you look at the current ratings FOX has, it’s pretty obvious what the American Public wants.

Here's a link to the substantive research in the bias of the media.


And That’s The Way It Is!

Shorter Version:
Liberal Bias = BAD, Conservative Bias = Good.

But just for kicks let me take this post apart a little bit.

Apparently I was challenged to "name a source from the current administration who forced anyone on FOX to air a biased story in favor of W". The administration doesn't have to force anything, fox does it willingly. That doesn't mean its not propaganda...

Fox hires George Bush's cousin to run a crucial part of its election coverage

Fox Staff Parrot Administration Talking points and spin.

As to your claim that no Republicans work at NPR... You'll be happy to know that president of both NPR and PBS is a
former co-chair of the republican national committee

I also noticed how you consistently misrepresent everything I write without providing sources. Blogging makes it amazingly easy to both quote and source (notice all my posts include sources as opposed to the sourceless assertions found elsewhere on this blog). Not to be a jerk but anyone can just scream LIBERAL BIAS!!! However you aren't really contributing anything unless you can back it up and prove it is actually based in reality.
Click on the link in the post and be amazed!
Why is that you lefties have to post someone else words to support your view point? I could give a crap what Mother Jones, The Nation, NAMBLA, Time, Newsweek say about anything. Where is it wrtten that web logs have to have sources of news to support someone opinion. The best blogs are the ones that don't use anyone elses words, left or right. What I think is stupid and even lazy are these blogs that post text from a story and inject some pithy comment of their own and think it's great. B-O-R-I-N-G! My posts and my comments are MY THOUGHTS. I don't agree with everything on the right or left. In fact, I'm pretty pissed about the way this administration is running the WOT, Defense, Immigration, Taxes, Bolton (does anyone else think he looks like the Uncle in your family no one talks about?) All that said, I'd still trust any conservative with my wallet and my military than any lefite, and I don't need a link to a shitty article to back up what I think. JC - get a life!
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