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Friday, August 05, 2005

Big Girl On Campus, Again?

I just finsihed reading 'The Truth About Hillary Clinton'. Amazing. I knew the depravity of her husband has been well documented for over thirty years. But what I did not realize was how the Big Girl's role as a 'de facto VP' permeated the White House as detailed in this book by Ed Klein. What was striking about this book was the physhological profile Klein painted of the ex First Lady, how she began her political leanings as Goldwater Republican and how the sixites radicalization of the Methodist Chruch and her time at the Young Pioneers Factory in MA turned her into a die hard leftist and radical feminists. Klein states that compared to her husband in their twisted symbiotic relationship of power, greed, and ambition, Bill learned from his mistakes, Hillary never made one. Also noteworthy was the comparisons to Nixon's paranoia of others and the similar way each created and kept 'enemy lists.' The power of Hillary's ability to remain laser like focused on her goal of putting Bill into the White House while advancing her own position politically while he could not walk more than ten feet without tripping over and shagging anything that moved is absolutely amazing. What's more important for the right to remember is that if Hillary gets the Dem nod in 2008 and evens wins, then the same people who brought the nation Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Pardongate, Monicagate, Flowersgate, Bimbo Eruptions, HealthCzarina, Jonesgate, etc., ad nausea, will once again be at the helm of this nation steering us in the most turbulent waters of domestic security and foreign policy since WWII. Jesus Help us! Although a major criticsm of Klein is that he used anonymous sources, (even though over 100 people were interviewed) this book is well written, exhaustively reserached and it's an easy read about one of the most corrupt and embarrasing tenures in the office of the President this nation has ever had. Hillary Redux...it could happen!

Scary, isn't it? Good blog.
Thanks. It is scary. Very scary!
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