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Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Retreat From Gaza or Advance on Tel Aviv?

Ever remember seeing documentaries about WWII and the use of animated maps to show the expansion and contraction of the front lines in Europe or when islands in the Pacific were taken and re-taken from Japs? I always liked seeing those because you can apply that concept to any major event in history: economic, geological, dinosaurs, human migration, etc. I’d like to see the same animation of Israel in the time span that Israel has been a country. If the animation were cycled and ended today, then greater Israel would be smaller than it was when it became a nation.

What’s going to happen when the last Israeli pulls out of Gaza?
Occupation: Israeli’s are supplanted with terrorist camps, bunkers, weapons caches
Strengthening: The influx of materiel and terrorists continues unabated
Operational: Terror groups organize into into one or several super terror orgs
Tactical: First ops against Israel are launched
Expansion: Spider Web of Terror Ops to all parts of Gaza and nearby Mid East countries
Sustaining Terror: In the face of what ever response Israel gives, Gaza still remains occupied and strong
What will the West do? No one from Europe will help. Will the US provide support? We better.

Israel's Munich Pact with the PLO is so wrong on so many levels. Appeasement does not work. It never has and it never will. Why don’t the Israeli’s get it? The Arab world has not softened its stand against Israel. Their papers and TV are filled with hate. Their Mosques are filled with ranting clerics. The PLO continues to explode in the streets of Tel Aviv. Giving land to the terrorists is only going to cause more bloodshed for the Israeli’s because now, the terrorists don't have that far to go to blow themselves up. Roll that animated map I talked about in 50 years and see if Israel gets any bigger. It won't. It will look like Allied forces at Dunkirk – one little bubble of blue in a sea of terrorist red. Eventually all of Israel will be pushed into the Med and that push begins with the expulsion of Jews from Gaza. How much of an outrage is this to Jews living on the West Bank and Gaza? Click on this link below.
A link to an interview with Ben Netanyahu about why this pullout will hurt Israel

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