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Monday, September 19, 2005

Ars Gratia Arssses

I came across this site today - Old American Century. Of the less rancid stuff which the left use to attack us on the right, take a look at the Gallery Section on the left (4 in all). You will see some pretty interesting and entertaining posters - the Gilligan's Island one is pretty funny. Hey, did you hear that, leftie. I think some of your crap is funny! I have posted similar pics, and there are tons of conservative sites that have similar WWII poster art like Parrot Check, Mudville Gazzette, and Patriot Files. How differently the right uses the same genre. For your own safety, don't show any to those in the military. If you do, they'd realize they are fighting the wrong enemy - Watch Your Six!

Hi NeoCon Blogger!

I linked you up to my site tonight. Can you recommend any other NeoConservative bloggers that I can put on my site? I really want to build a good, informative, and resourceful NeoConservative blogger links page.

Thanks again!
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