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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Family Update

There is good news to report that my Uncle has been located and is good health. Apparently, he was evacuated with others yesterday and flown to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Here is how the call was received:

Flight Line Sgt: Mr (My Brother’s Name)
Brother: Yes, this is He.
Flight Line Sgt: This is Sgt (Name) calling from Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. Do you have an Uncle John?
Brother: Yes, I do.
Flight Line Sgt: Well, we have him. He is safe and sound and is housed here with other evacuees from New Orleans.
Brother: Thank God. Thank you so very much.
Flight Line Sgt: He and all the others are fine, they have fine facilities, and some are receiving the medical care they require. However, we do not encourage you to come and collect his as we do not have the ability to release anyone at this time. Here is the phone number where he can be reached.
Brother: Fine. Is there a time in the near future when he could be collected?
Flight Line Sgt: We will let your Uncle know once we have stabilized the situation with all the other evacuees.
Brother: Thank you very much Sgt for everything you and all the other members of Air Force are doing.
Flight Line Sgt: No problem, Sir. You have a good night.
Brother: You to, Sgt. Good Night.

To fully appreciate how this came about, you have to understand that how my Uncle was evacuated. He walked to the airport by himself. He walked over six miles from his home in Jefferson Parish. You see the facility where he lives like most everything else in Jefferson Parish was flooded the first few days after the storm hit. Living on the eight floor of his facility with no power, sporadic phone, no water, and a staff that was bare bones since many of them had damaged homes and missing relatives was enough for him. Now my family tried to get him to evacuate and go to Alabama. But like many others whose whole life is tied to their homes and possessions, he did not want to leave. My parents gave him all of our contact information with phone numbers and I guess my Brother was the first person who could be contacted.

We all feel fortunate that he is alive and well since there are so many others who have lost their lives and homes in this most tragic of tragedies to befall our nation. My thanks to all who sent me messages of support over the last week. I hope and pray that other stories of reunions continue to make their way to all the evacuees.

Great news man, I hope he is able to get resettled without too much hardship.
Apprecaite that, Coldie - now. Cousins and neighbors are next. We did hear from one neighbor. He came back for one day. Besides the Sat Pics I've seen (and there is no more water where my Mom N Nem live in Jeff Parish - but there was over a foot of water in the area for several days - so we don't know the real damage until we can get back in) now it's all wind damage - roofs, lots of big, big 110 year old trees. The man's house next to G-mother gone! Garage obliderated - roof severly damaged and his family did not come get him and he never evacuates. We all hope he is ok.
Well I wish them the best. I know a few people down there doing volunteer work so if there is anything I can do to track people down let me know. I don't know how much help it could be at this point but you never know.
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