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Monday, September 05, 2005

Every Other Parish Was Ready - Why Not Orleans?

This what Jefferson Parish did to get ready for Hurricane Katrina:

- Issues Mandatory Lockout of Parish on August 29
- Contracted with private firm to have 350 Bulldozers ready to go after the storm
- Contracted with private utility company to have 150 trucks ready to help resotre power
- Setup Command Center to coordinate with all towns in Jeff Parish and State and Fed
- Implemented Mandatory Evacuation Scenario for Cat 3 storm
- Arranged a 'Lend-Lease' pact with three Super Wal Marts in Ark for relief supplies - Arranged to have those Wal Marts act as a 'bank' for obtaining all kinds of supplies - those trucks were loaded and ready before the storm hit
- Required Canal Pump Station workers to reamin on post 24/7
- Required all Jeff Parish pump stations to have back-up and redundant electrical supply for third tier support in case of catastrophic sotrm
- Move all public school busses to safer area

What did Orleans Parish do? Nothing. The Mayor did write a memo that the Dept of the Army has which states that Military Personnel were not to enter the city unless their weapons were empty - although he was able to get his friends and family out of the city while there were others at the Superdome and Convention Center who were first in line And Gov Blanco did request Fed Troops Tuesday after the storm hit - Tuesday at 5:15 PM CST! Amazing!.

I don't expect a lot of you who read this post to understand. This really is a N.O. issue. You have to be from this area to know how twisted its politics are. Relative to Jeff Parish, it's not a Dem/Rep thing - the Mayor of Kenner is a Dem and the Sheriff of the Parish is a Rep (my mother went to school with him). I conceeded that W should have Federalized troops to get the rescue and relief effort out of the hands of the mayor and the Gov. But when Blanco and Nagin had over 5 days to prepare - 5, then some blame has to be absorbed by them as well. Lafouche, St Charles, St Tammany, St. Bernard get it and got prepared. What happened to Orleans?

CR: Did you have a link to that story on the Mayor's memo? Even better if you find a PDF or other image of the actual signed document.

Washington Post today has the news that EVEN NOW, LA Gov. Blanco will not grant the feds full authority to coordinate the relief and security efforts:

And of course some on the left are lurching further and further towards a complete breakdown.

I don't know how much sadder this story can get, but hearing that lefties refuse to contribute because Bush is in charge of the federal government or caused Katrina because he didn't sign Kyoto, or that because the hurricane hit "red" states, those people deserve it.

People who say such things are ill, literally sick in their mind and spirit.
Yeah, for some reason No Nuts Nagin gets no blame, nor do the idiots destroying each other and what's left of the city, nor do the wonderful cops....

The "governor in the headlights" of LOUSYanna never declares a state of emergency and refuses to let the feds run the op, but it's not her fault.....

It's just Bush's.

Still spreading misinformation Mike? You might want to note that the Post issued a correction saying "A Sept. 4 article on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina incorrectly said that Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D) had not declared a state of emergency. She declared an emergency on Aug. 26."

It should also be noted that the Federal Government failed to act on it's own National Response Plan created for just such an event. Feel free to read up here if you are at all interested.

I haven't seen a single person on the left say they wouldn't contribute to punish Bush. The fact of the matter is that on a disaster of this scale it is incumbent on the Federal government to take action. There lack of a timely and effective response is truly scary.
CF, I absolutely agree that blame needs to be shared however I am worried that with everyone pointing fingers at each other no one will take responsibility. I really don't see how the head of FEMA can keep his job after this and the head of DHS Michael Chertoff has some serious explaining to do. They were the ones with the resources to prevent this and they failed.

On an unrelated note this is a pretty amazing and uplifting story amidst all the tragedy.
And before someone jumps down my throat I didn't mean 'prevent' the hurricane.
The Gov of La la land is rewriting history, it won't work.........the Federal Government still had no authority in Lousianna two days after the hurricane weakened levy was breached.

I wrote a little poem, and dedicate it to the Mayor of NO, and the Gov. of LA.

spin spin spin

lie lie lie



die die die
Yes because Bush and FEMA did such a good job protecting us. What if this had been another terror attack? You'd still be spinning for Bush and his incompetent group of cronies.
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