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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We Can't Be Stuck On Stupid!

UH - FRICKIN - RAH! Did you hear the words that Lt. Gen. Russel Honore used today in describing the situation in New Orleans? He said in effect, 'We have to focus on the future. We can't be stuck on stupid.' He added, 'I see trees, I see houses. I see a lot of water. We've had that before, it's New Orleans. We've come back, we always do.'

Speaking of Stupid...I never thought I would ever use the C-Word in public, let alone in front of my wife or other impressionable ear, but Nancy Pelosi is exactly that...A Communist (I bet you thought I was going to use another word - I wasn't brought up that way, but I know the word I'm itching to type!). She actually disclosed a private conversation with the President about FEMA to the Press. She blathered on cameras, 'I asked him if he was going to fire the Brown for what went wrong last week. He said what went wrong. This President is oblivious. In denial. Dangerous.' She called the President DANGEROUS. Why isn't she in JAIL?

Jesus Mary Mother of God! Her rant is as criminal as looting on Canal Street. Why isn't this treason? Isn’t the disclosure of a private conversation with the Commander In Chief in time of war treason? Not only did Pelosi disclose a private conversation with the President to the public, she also had to take the conversation out of context to make her point. Did she disclose the entire conversation? Nope. Did she hammock her comments with what was said before and after 'he's oblivious' comment? Nope.

Pelosi is Stuck in Permanent Stupid and the people she represents need to throw her out. That won't happen since she represent the leftist left of the left coast - Communists!

Amen brother...this bithc will DEFINITELY win a spot on my DUMBASS OF THE WEEK.

((so many dumbasses, so little time! ;-)
'I asked him [Bush] if he was going to fire [Head of FEMA] Brown for what went wrong last week. He [Bush] said what went wrong.'

And you want to give Pelosi the stupid award?
Absolutely - A Lifetime Achievement Award! In this time of desperate national crisis, why not help the situation by leanding support with keeping the partisan stuff down to a dull hum...and say, 'there were mistakes and we look forward to working with the President's Commission to look into this at a time when when we feel ths human situation is stablizied' Wouldn't that be great?
Oh come on, you don't really think anything is going to come out of that Presidents commission?! It's like OJ saying he would 'find the real killer'
BTW. Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is trying to hold up funds for New Orleans.

"U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., asked House Speaker Dennis Hastert not to send federal disaster aid to officials in Louisiana"

Ah, but did Pelosi cite what the entire conversation was? No! And she should not have. This is an ethics issue, which after her display in public, is a word she never met and or uses!
I guess I just can completely understand her outrage. I don't really see why she had an ethical obligation to keep that to herself. The presidents 'lack of clothes' is becoming increasingly obvious and I think it is more criminal to hide it than to expose it.
O.K. anonymous ...
Like the majority of you left leaning hypocrates you don't get the story "right". Here is what Tancredo actually said (if you don't believe me, check out Roll Call, Sept. 8, 2005):Citing what he said was a "history" of public corruption in LA and the "abysmal failure" of current state officials to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tancredo on Wednesday urged Hastert to provent local politicians from controlling any part of the billions of federal disaster relief dollars slated for the state.
He didn't urge Hastert not to send aide, you uninformed liberal putz. You obviously have no knowlegde of the history of the local and state politics, and the democratic machines that have kept that city and the majority of its inhabitants in the squallar that they are in.
Pick up a book, read, and educate yourself. Oh .. forgot ... you're a leftie ... education doesn't mean knowledge to you, it means teachers' unions, rewarding those who don't achieve, etc., etc., etc.
Hey gr82brt,

I actually did read the whole statement. I also have done a fair amount of research and I still think Tancredo is an A$$. He proposes something that would hold up funding because he believes the locals are too corrupt.

1) Its funny that some Conservatives are willing to argue for government over local control when it suits them.

2) What exactly makes you think the federal government would be less corrupt.

They aided and abbeted fraud from 9/11 relief money

Administered over the loss of $4Billion in Iraqi oil revenue

Gave Millions in no bid contracts to the VP's former company. Who, in turn, defrauded the US taxpayers in multiple ways.

So I don't really see where these clowns get off trying to claim they would be a better administrator of aid.
Coburn continues his antics during the Roberts hearings.

"Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) showed exceptional emotional versatility, working a crossword puzzle during the hearing and then choking back a sob while making a prosaic statement about partisanship."
Good for him.
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