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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Words of Wisdom

I was listening to WWL Radio New Orleans (you can get it all over the South since it has a massive broadcast scope). There was a caller who said that he and his son were traveling to South Louisiana to help the victims of the storm when his son said, 'Dad, look at all the trees that are still standing.' What an absolutely incredible observation from a child.

We all need to take a lesson from this child as we think and comment about what has happened since Katrina devastated this region of the US.

I posted this in another thread but thought it was also another very uplifting story
Gotta love children - they always see the bright side of things.
Ah ah... I knew I recognized your nick. As to my readers and ex-President busy pants, I didn't have readers then. ;-) If I HAD had readers, they would have been defending him so I understand that mentality.

I do like the uplifting story you provided. I had a story up on a very liberal blog, posted last Tuesday, which has raised $15,000 for charities. I think that that's uplifting and the generosity of the common American is uplifting every day, all the time.

so there you go. Thanks for visiting my blog - and now I've visited yours!! ;-)
From one neo con to another nice place :) Lots to read about thank you!
I see you have banners :)

Lessons are for learning. You are beeing blogrolled at my place.
Groovy - same here! Keep The Faith!
Interesting blog!

The Right Left
OT: But here is a story about some interesting research into the roots of terrorism and anti-americanism.

Children have their own wisdom. As my granddaughter's observation of life after moving to Abilene, Tx. She said"Life isn't always fair in Abilene." She was 7 then.
That's sweet but I can't decide whether it's sad, for the best, or both that she needed to learn that lesson at 7.
Tell us what you would do about a 7 year old in Manhattan on 9/11?
Try my best to explain to them what happened and make them feel safe. Why?
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