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Monday, October 03, 2005

What Bill Bennett Said

This is a shattering piece that La Shawn Barber rolled out on her site. Here are a few tidbits:

In typical fashion, black politicians and other hustlers are calling for Bennett’s head on a platter. In the backrooms, out of sight, white liberals are jumping for joy. If they can’t sell their ideas enough to win elections, they’ll keep floating the conservatives-are-racists meme because they know exactly how blacks will react.

Second, black liberals have been voting for people who openly advocate abortion for the past 30 years! Child killing is morally reprehensible, as Bill Bennett said, but for some strange reason, it doesn’t bother black folks when it’s time to go to the polls.

Third, Bennett’s hypothetical is based on fact. Blacks are 12.3 percent of the population, and about half are black men, which means black men are approximately 6 percent of the U.S. population. Yet, they commit over half of all violent crimes (see Bureau of Justice statistics). Why aren’t you outraged over those shameful statistics?

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Bookmark her site. She is a rose among the thorns!

Oh please, keep pretending that he was just 'putting it out there'. Just because you add a disclaimer to something doesn't mean it's not reprehensible.

LaShawn Barber is a crackpot though, alluding to how god is punishing us for allowing gay marriage. I have a real problem with former substance abusers becoming born again and trying to tell me how to live me life. I did agree with everything but the first part of this quote from her"
“I’m ashamed of this country and its bumbling leadership today. Bush and Co. are going to catch hell from all angles, including the race angle, and I hope they catch it good, too. Billions we spend, and all we have to show for it are four-day-old corpses on the side of the road...”
Nice point. If we go by your logic, then Beelzebub will have a helper in the nether-regions in the form of Billy Clinton and a host of his 'cronies', to use your words from other posts, dishing out and experiencing eternal suffering . It's always amazing how no one on the left ever, ever admits to the fallibility of anyone on the left (you did call Calypso Louie a moron - but he was never elected so it's not the same thing). As for your reference to dead bodies in Katrina - Oh never mind, it will take too long to rebutt and you certainly have better things to do with your time like inventing the next Republican conspiracy. And what compassion you have shown for a reformed drug user who discovered a higher being. That shows great character. I wonder if all lefties treat people with 'issues' like that. Thanks for the comment!
Was this a response to my previous post? It doesn't seem to relate. And please don't twist my words to make it sound like my problem with LaShawn is the the fact that she was a drug abuser. My problem is people who seriously screwed up their lives enforcing the same drastic means and rules necessary for them on everyone.
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