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Monday, September 26, 2005

Tribute To Our Men And Women In Uniform

Clermont Yellow

Click on this link and turn the volume up on your pc or desktop. It might take a bit to load. But, it's worth it. (let me know if you are unable to view this magnificent piece)

It's absolutely amazing. If you do not feel proud of the sacrifice our men and women of our Armed Services provide to make us free, nothing will move you. And in the wake of the recent protests in Washington, DC, this piece is especially stirring.

Bravo. God Bless America!

You can't put that in words - heartwarming is all I can say! Hooah!

BTW - I hate the word verification!

Good work troops!
Amen brother!
It's great, but I must say I got quite a laugh out of the picture of the soldier gasing up the donkey.
Hey Tom, that was cool, wasn't it?!

I miss them so much. I will continue to pray for them and their loved ones. May God be with them.
Absolutely awesome!
Very awesome!
You were right. Absolutely inspiring. And precisely what we need to be seeing right now. Especially with all the recent anti-war (anti-warrior) protests.
Moved to tears ... will be sharing this with everyone I know.

God bless our troops, our country, and all those who share our views of life, liberty and the gift that our people in uniform provide us everyday ... freedom.
Great post!
Way cool...
That was pretty touching, unfortunately it isn't going to do much in terms of actually supporting our troops overseas.

My preference for a tribute would be to kick a couple of bucks to the people trying to buy life saving body armor for their sons and daughters in Iraq. The body armor this government has still failed to provide.

I don't see how you can rationalize that you are 'supporting the troops' while simultaneously supporting the same people who are 'screwing the troops'.
It aint perfect. But I'm a hell of a lot safer knowing that this admin is calling the shots as opposed to what the alternative could have been in 2000 and '04. I can't even imagine a world run Kerry or Gore if 9/11 happened. Oh yes I can. After the first time the WTC was bombed and the seven years that followed, there was so much the Clintonistas did to make us safe - I sure am glad we put troops on the gorund in Bosnia - brillinat move. Haiti too! Morons!
Your post is only a reflection of your lack of knowledge. I can't say I blame you though, I'd imagine it would be scary as hell to realize that the Democrats were effective and the Republicans failures when it came to fighting terrorism. But I have no illusions of your willingness to accept this.
That was the funnies thing I've heard in a long time. Thanks for the laugh! I'm not going to accept it since it's so baselessly vapid it's hard to imagine the time necessary to illuminate why this is such a silly assertion. And yes, I live much better knowing that a Kerry Administration is not in charge applying a global test in prosecuting a concensus war on fighting terror...'We want to go after the bad guys, but we need to see what Frenchie thinks before we go back into the caves of Tora Bora' Thanks for the laugh!
Sorry, which one of our posts was filled with 'silly assertions' in addition to being 'baselessly vapid'. Just checking.
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