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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Delay Makes Gingrich Look Like Mother Theresa

I might be the only rightie who says this, but I'm not all that bent out of shape that Delay is out of the House. Why? Besides W, who is the next biggest spender in Congress? Delay has been feeding the nation pork like the infield of the Diamond Hill Plywood 200 at Darlington Raceway.

The last time there was a coup in the House like this was when Newt was neutered by his own party since he was thought to be a liability to the GOP. If the right did that then, then no one, and I mean no one, better stand up for Delay. Here's why. First, the spending. And this is why I hate the left so much...the House has spent more money on gvt goodies than the Clintons did and the left has buried us for doing so. I have no idea what the hell Delay and Frist were thinking about the last five years. Did they think that they could spend the party into favor with the left? Why has this lesson been lost on this administration? You can't buy favor with the left, even when you out-spend those dolts on all the crap they love. Second, besides the spending, and this is linked to spending, the highway bill pork and the medicare cards did it for me. How in Christ's name could medicare cards be paid for let alone reform the very issue it's trying to target. Medicare cards will be the biggest entitlement since LBJ's Great Society. Third, leadership. Delay is a poster boy for what the leaderless right has become - go along to get along, spend to win favor, and do nothing to win the hearts and minds of the nation who gave the right the privilege to sit in majority for six years.

Now how does the right make this situation better? First, get rid of Delay, permanently. Second, and this will be the toughest for the right to do, someone needs to be in the Chair with more fiscal restraint and leadership than Delay. I don't see anyone on the right side of the aisle that will do either of these things.

While I think this is a witch-hunt, and it is, Earl is a pimp hell bent on nailing anyone and any company who uses the same rules the Democrats use to fund campaigns - there is an undeniable attempt by this man in going after the right for any alledged impropriety at any level. Still, Delay needs to do the honorable thing and step down permanently, not only for the reasons of the gerrymandering indictment, but for the very fact that he is bad for the GOP. He is a shade better than Frist. But put together, they are less than half the leader Gingrich ever was. The GOP owes a huge apology to Newt.

Sorry, Newt. Can you come back and help us - there is an empty seat in the House.

I think Delay is a crook, plus aI got a good chuckle over his claim that they had cut all the spending they could. However you're spewing nothing but talking points when you go after Earle. 11 out of the 15 politicians he has prosecuted have been Democrats. And be fair, Delay has taken shady fundraising to a whole new level the Democrats could have only dreamed of.
Earl is a hack, not matter who he goes after - and yes - witch-hunting Democrats is just as bad. Shame you could not pick that up in this piece. Second, after China gave money to the DNC back in the Clinton years, you can't say crap about Delay!
Actually I can say plenty about Delay. He is a lying, corrupt scumbag. He has been the driving force behind the implementation of the current "destroy America First!" gov't we have now.

The same governement that STILL can't get out troops the supplies they need and is still not reimbursing troops who buy own body armor.

But by all means, point the finger at Clinton if it helps you get over the cognitive dissonance of supporting these sleaze balls.
Heck no! He can't come back. I understand and agree that the spending is out of control. Let us take a look at what it has been spent on:
1. WTC
2. Pentagon
3. War in Afghanistan
4. War in Iraq
6. The Senate.
If the Senate had a daggone backbone, we wouldn't have to kiss their freakin' butts to get anything passed! The Congress got most of the bills passed w/o the rats. The Senate spends money like it's going out of style.


So there. lol.
PS. There are many other reasons and programs that were effective that came out of Congress. Take for example "leave no child behind." Any school that is not teaching students, why should the students stay? Also, are you aware that any college that does not allow ROTC on it's campus does not receive federal money? I have been waiting for that one, it seems likes, forever!
re: forcing ROTC on campus:

So, you're saying you're against local decision-making?

And did you know that the Leave No Child Behind Act requires schools to give the military my children's names and address so they can try recruiting them (unless I sign a form asking to be left alone)?

Makes it more clear what they mean when they say, "Leave No Child Behind."

Me, I'm for gov't staying out of my business and letting localities make their own policies. That used to be a conservative principle, too.
It might seem silly to you but when you turn 18, you have to register for Selective Service anyway, and you get calls no matter in NCLB exists or not.
Whoa Rosemary, is there a single fact based statement in either of those posts? I love this site both for the occasional thoughtful conservative post as well as the occasional startling wingnuttery.
..that's right-wing nuttery...if you're going to compliment me, do it correctly please!
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