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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One Step Closer

Great Post from Live in Iraq regarding the readiness of the Iraqi Army to take control of its own ops in Iraq.

“The Iraqi Army has come a long way since last year, when Marines were clearing the insurgents out of Fallujah,” said 1st Lt. Nathan P. Dmochowski, the executive officer for Company E. “They take over more responsibilities as the weeks go by.”

“The group of Iraqi Army we are working with at Camp India are learning very quickly and have no problems taking the lead when we search houses on daily patrols,” Dmochowski stated.Since the Iraqis of 1-4-1 learned most of the basics from the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, tactical integration with the 2nd Marines and II MHG was easier.

With determination on their faces, together the Marines and the Iraqi Army of the 1-4-1 will push forward to stop the insurgents at every turn to create a free Iraq and defeat terrorism.

Take That Sheehan - UH RAH!

You have stop the ACLU in your Great Blogs list. Jackass! Why would you want to stop an organization that stands up for Civil Liberties? While your at it you might as well just say lets burn the constitution, Declare Martial Law in the US, Nuke Iran, Install a dick-tatorship, (well we already have that one) I mean think about it? Stolen Elections... Wars instigated under false pretenses. (Yeah I can't spell for shit) hmm.. what else. You will realize one day when 90 percent are against something so evil and corrupt going on in there goverment why it is that we are being liberated from an evil dick-tatorship. You will be like WTF, and where will JEB and George be when bombs and nukes are hitting us? hmm... probalby in a different country or locked safe away in some bunker in the mountains that is safe from radioactive, biologial and nuclear weapons. Just wait we keep on going this road we will piss off the whole world. Then it will be like fight the terroists 99 percent of the world are terroists and we are the 1 percent patriots. AMERICANS
Now if your name was Lee J Cobb, I'd have a civil discussion with you. That not being the case, any organization that defends NAMBLA needs to be nuked! Other than that, thanks for the comments.
Wow never heard of NAMBLA before I guess it kind of depends on what context you take it in? I did a little reading on it now and it was quite shocking I admit. I will have to do my home work on that one. In regards to my opionons of the U.N. in the other article about the bird flu. That was a link to an article written by Greg Szymanski. I really don't have much of a positive view of the UN or the United States Corporation either. I believe both are corporate entities with pure capitalism on there minds. The only problem with pure capitalism is when it is put before precious human life. To many people now days do not understand how things came about. If you ask someone on the street what country the live it they might say the UNITED STATES, well I hate to say it but the country is America and the UNITED STATES is the corporation acting goverment through there powers over commerce, commercial law and maritime law that was extended over the people by making people commercial instruments. Now all of that has nothing to do with the founding of the united states of America This was based of of the common law which most courts nowadays will not give you access to unless you are very specific with your words. Sorry about the above "Jackass" comment. I see the word NEOCON and loose my composure. Im sure that you have the ability to reason I just don't understand what the purpose of NEOCON is. This new conservatisem that in no way resembles conservatisem. Don't fall a victim to the party paridigm its a shell game I promise you this and you won't understand it until you have to change parties one day cause you so damn pissed off by what is going on.
What does that post have to do with the Iraqi forces finally getting their proverbial "sea legs?"

Thanks for posting a positive update on the situation on the ground in Iraq. Nice to see something other than the usual anti-American propaganda we're usually fed.
Uh-rah, indeed!

cobb - The ACLU was founded by communists, and is still run by them. They also actively seek to protect child molestors under the guise of privacy.
Don't believe everything your dirty-hippy college professors tell you...
Uh Rah!!! Keep up the good work!!

I was going to leave a negative comment on your blog, like you do on mine. But then I saw in your profile that Blazzing Saddles is your favorite movie.

Holy crap, says me to myself, a liberal and a conservative agreeing on something! Amazing.

Then I read your post and realized we can agree on something else. Our fighting men and women are the best in the world.

It's great to see some successes on the ground in Iraq. Unfortunately stories like these are overshadowed by reports of explosions, attacks, insurgency, upheaval, etc. If it bleeds, it leads.

But I digress...
Gabby Johnson: I wash born here, an' I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an' no sidewindin', bushwackin', hornswaglin', cracker croaker is gonna rouin' me bishen cutter.
Casey Cobb, you really need to pull that knob on your shoulders out of your fourth point of contact if you really believe the ACLU stands for freedom.
Anybody who loves Blazzing Saddles can't be bad...
Congrats on being the only lib to leave a positive comment about our troops. I agree with CR, anyone who likes Blazing Saddles can't be all bad.
And CR, thanks to you for posting the good news. Not enough of it gets out in the MSM ... acatually, no good news gets out in the MSM ... what a surprise.
I don't think it's the left you have to worry about when it comes to actually caring about the troops. The Right is the one currently refusing to roll back tax cuts for the ultra rich while simultaneously making cuts to Health Care for soldiers and their families. But dont' take my word for it...

'The Navy Times reports that today that cuts "include trimming military quality-of-life programs, including health care" . . . This, while troops are fighting and dying for our country in Iraq.'
More about what can happens to people in an allegedly Free and Democratic Country.

Not to be a downer but lets be real honest about what we're creating over there.
You are being a downer. One story out of 54 million in Iraq, 20+ mil in Afghanistan - the voices of those who are free tell better stories than your Iraqi friend. There is no way to validate if any of this is true. And I don't care if it is. Nice try!
Tax cuts for the 'ultra rich.'

Amazing that these leftie parrots cannot learn a few new lines. That old class warfare rhetoric is getting a bit stale.

And cobb and the "corporations" What is this? South Park?

Is it any wonder that the left can't win an election with looney tunes like that?
I think poor Cobb is under the influence of the Star Trek Liberal Mind Meld. It would be nice to see him post something on his blog he thought of himself and defend his position withouth the help of liberal conspiracy do do. Hope Springs Eternal!
This is great! Thanks for the update. :)
That's right Mike, close your eyes and pretend the administration you love isn't a farce. You can attack me all day but it won't change the fact that this administration is bad for Americans.
Did you ever wonder why your pillow is always cold?
Here, here rosemary,
I wondered the same thing about cold pillow ...
Luckily my name does not reference the concept you envisioned.

I noticed, amidst the speculation that no one was willing to comment on how Bush doesn't see fit to support our troops and their families with the funds they need yet does have enough to give it away to the wealthiest Americans. Compassionate Conservative my A$$.
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