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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush Plans Anti-illegals Campaign

It's about GD time! Where the hell has this administration been on immigration reform? This is a massive failure on domestic policy. There are those that have blamed the WOT and other issues that are distracting the President from this issue. I think the two are linked - open borders and national security. If W can play that card, he can sell any reform in this session of Congress. I have an issue with this amnesty thing. It's wrong. But since the system is so bloody flawed, how would you know if anyone is illegal and do we have the manpower to kick them back across the Rio Grande? I hope W can get this through - no compromises, no conciliatory rhetoric - simple reform: more fences, more border patrols, more restrictions, and let's kick out anyone with a student or teaching visa! Read the latest from the Washington Times.

Something needs to be done, that's for sure! I think the biggest reason for the problem growing out of control is everyone thinks we need to be PC and feel sorry for these people.

To me, if they want to come here, fine, but do it legally and learn the language. Unfortunately, there aren't many politicians out there that feel this way.
The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog is that borders themselves are illegal, and the problem is not borders but the welfare state.
No argument on your posting, Mountjoy. Except possibly for the student and teaching visas (and there should be some reform on the criteria for receiving them), the entire damned system should be reformed. Yes, an open border sounds nice, but it's certainly no help on the economy, nor a deterrent against malevolent groups trying to get in (surprisingly, more of them come in on the NORTHERN border than the Southern border). I don't know how we'd possibly get rid of all the illegals currently in, but stopping the influx is definitely a step in the right direction.


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Nice site. I'll definitely link to you in the future.
Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! About time is right.

Living near the border in California, I see it every day, the effects of our sieve like border on the environment, crime, and safety.

Time to shut the door, there is no more room at this inn.
Hey Brad, I want the whole thing sealed on both sides of the US. I want all foreign students from targeted countires out. I want all foreign students and teachers to sign an oath and submit each to a thorogh background check before they can come to study here. Cost a lot? Yep. I don't care. You're right - reform is necessary and wy not start with a group that we already know is here that can be instantly monitored.
That's the rub, though... In theory, I agree completely. Unfortunately, it's a logistical impossibility to monitor all of them.

I have to admit, I was somewhat surprised to see that Bush is, once again, pushing the temp worker visas. Seems to somewhat defeat the point, doesn't it?
Yeah - but this admin never ceases to amaze me...on this so simple of issues!
Bush is simply jumping on the bandwagon and he's a bit too late with too little.

Now that there is a groundswell among the citizenry for stopping illegal immigration, it is now appeasement time by the politicians because the 2006 elections are looming. The politicians will talk the talk up until November 2006 and then, once again, forget to walk the talk because, in their myopic self-serving interests, they will take the PC path of tolerance and diversity, while a few thousand Mexican criminals and a few hundred Muslim terrorists infiltrate with the other tens-of-thousands of illegals each month.
Had the GWOT not had to happen, you bet he would have done this earlier...
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