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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Republican Proposes Fence Along Our Border

I got the idea for this post from Euphoric Reality blog while I was posting comments. Seems that southern CA Republicans want to fence the border with Mexico. As Gomez Adams would say, ‘Capital Idea.’ Don’t stop with a fence. To make this really work we need do the following:

Mine the border
Electrify Fences
Manned Gun Towers every 200 yds
Kill zone 100 feet in from border line
Trap doors
Tigers in trap doors

There has to be a disincentive to not crossing open spaces of land. I mean, if an intruder broke into your house, would you shot? I would. So why is our border any different? Unlike the Russkies, we need a wall to keep people out, not in. We need to take a page from the Israeli’s and how they have their wall setup to keep exploding terrorists out of its country. We are not there yet, but imagine if every third or fourth illegal had a bomb strapped to his body. Now I know that I am going to get all kinds of hate mail about this. Good. Bring you’re ‘A Game’ lefties (if you have one). Is this cruel? No. Is this un-Christian? No. This is about our national security. This is a war – a war to save our nation from being flooded with undocumented and unassimilable illegals. Let all who want to enter the US enter legally. And while we are at it, how about not letting anyone in the US for about 5 years, maybe longer. We have enough people. Hell, we can’t even properly account for the ones who are here legally. In fact, I have a list of people I want to kick-out. But let’s just start with taking care of our southern border. Then we can get to the list of people who should be kicked out!

If this nation really wants to keep people from crossing the border, then let’s do this correctly.

This is a difficult issue to me. 5 years ago I would of said to heck with it they just want to work who cares? But we are at war now, we have been attacked, by people that blended in to our own society. We can not afford to take that chance now. But I cant help but think my son just came back from a war zone Iraq/Kuwait border, but he was stationed in Germany. In Germany and most of Europe they have OPEN borders, as a matter of fact when he and his unit had to go get the 4th ID down to Germany to be transferred to Iraq because Turkey (At the time) wouldnt let them pass through thier country so they had to re-route (That's why the 4th ID was so late getting there) and my son and his unit had to go up to Belgium to get them and guide them down, they accidently made a wrong turn and wound up in France of all places lol. It's odd. Open borders all over the palce in Free countries, yet when you are at war and have been attacked you cant afford to take any chances. I see both sides, but in my heart at the moment I dont think we can afford to make that kind of a mistake even being a free society with open borders on either side Canada or Mexico. Maybe when this war against terrorism is over (Which I dont forsee for a long time)we can let things go back to the way they were. But for now the other countries will just have to bear with us on this one an understand why we need to secure our borders at this particular time. And God Bless the Minutemen!!! Someday things will change, but not any time soon as long as we are at war and under a severe risk of attack from people that want nothing more than to see us all dead!!!!
By the way Love your Blog!!! :-)
I don't think this is right.
It's called irony...of course none of this will happen. But for God's sake, we have to at least fence the entire border, man it adequately, and disincent the notion that anyone can walk just waltz into the US. If we are going shut down access to the US from the south, drastic measures need to be taken...a little electricity on a fence would not hurt - unless you touch it!
Wrong approach. We have ICE and boarder patrol agents who sit on their duffs every day and do nothing. We don't need civilians or fences to protect our borders. We need the people we employ and pay taxes for to patrol our borders effectively.
This is off topic - but I was wondering if any of you could provide some info for a script I am writing.

I'm probably one of the only right-wing writers in this town. And the script definitely reflects that - it can best be desribed as a very right wing Fight Club.

What I'm looking for is: actions or ways to be active, at the local level, for neo cons.

Any thoughts - no matter how small or large the action - are appreciated...

You can email at laxwriter at yahoo.com
you all still have not addressed the notion of disincenting the ability cross our border at will.
I follwed a referal link over here from sitemeter, can't seem to find a link to my website yet, but we seem to be a match and I use sitemeter to find like minded blogs to add to my website, anyone who takes the time to come to my site to read me deserves the same back. ;-)

Particularly after I take a look around and see we think alike.
"MariesTwoCents said...
This is a difficult issue to me. 5 years ago I would of said to heck with it they just want to work who cares? "

That is not the only concern, we have paramilitary cadres with state of the art equipement hired by the Cartels operating accross and inside our boarders NOW.

Republican Vet said...
I don't think this is right.

They have done assasination hits as far inland as Nashville you advocate just allowing anyone who wishes to cross our boarders free passage no matter what their intent?

A Google search with these two terms

CommitteesofCorrespondence Zetas

will give you PLENTY of links with information on the War on our Southern boarder
I like the tiger idea...
Absolutely...no one in the MSM or other circles talks about the disincentive to not crossing illegally. It's amazing. I guess I am pointing out absurdity by being absurd. But, the fact remains that the flow of illegals does not stop with simply holding them for a bit and sending them right back. We have to do something. Maybe a few well placed and hungry Bengal Tigers could do just that!
Dan Kauffman is officially an idiot.

"you advocate just allowing anyone who wishes to cross our boarders free passage no matter what their intent?"

No, idiot, I said I don't agree with the idea of a wall. Do you not remember anything about the late 80's and early 90's? How does disagreeing with a wall constitute letting anyone and everyone in? Is a wall our last resort?

Think before you speak, fool.
For the first time in this blog's short lived history...there is actual conversations among conservatives...outstanding as opposed to me fighting with lefties that visit this site. I do not mind taking on differences of opinion, but getting cons to talk is healthier than having fights with liberals. Great stuff guys...keep up the good work!
"Republican Vet said...
Dan Kauffman is officially an idiot. "

So what is your solution to the Zeta paramilitary problem on our Southern Border? Or have you bothered yourself with information before ad hominen attacks? LOL

When they start calling you names instead of refuting you with ideas and facts, they have surrendered the field of intellectual combat and entered the arena of feelings.

Was that supposed to make me spew sputter and lapse into incoherent fuming? ;-)
Hey Mountjoy, thank you for your kind words at my blog.

I'll be adding yours to my Recommended List.
You saw my Liberal Jackass Quote of the Day blog, but that is just a secondary one.

My Main one is called The Right is Right.

I hope you will all come by both......It isn't for the faint of heart, or Liberals.
60% Favor Barrier on Mexican Border
Rasmussen Reports has a pretty good rundown on the current mood of the country,

Barrier on the border? Yes.
Eliminate Citizenship by
location of Birth? Yes,

That last does not necessarily need a Constitutional Amendment, there are several ways in which Congress could approach it.

One thought I have had would be a Law declaring that for the during the time of delivery of a baby by a Foreign National the delivery room shall be temporary Consulate Territory of the Nation of Birth of the Mother. So the child would be born in the Sovereign Territory of the Mother and not on US soil.
Looks good I will have to add it to my blog roll later better get back to work now. ;-)
When they start calling you names instead of refuting you with ideas and facts, they have surrendered the field of intellectual combat and entered the arena of feelings.

Dude, I refuted your ignorance with your lack of reading comprehension. You throw out ridiculous claims when you fail to read. I've posted on this a million times so for you to ask me to repost here proves your ignorance. Research me. I'm not stealing this post to talk about my own plan. That's why I came here to debate this one.

Think about it. You're more interested in misquoting other Conservatives and starting a battle with your own people than you are with reasoning with logic.

Hence: You're an idiot. When you draw idiotic conclusions out of obvious statements....you're an idiot.

Like I said, reason with logic and reading comprehension go a long way. Work on those. Then we'll talk.
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