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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Double Kerry and the Call for Military Withdrawal from Iraq

ESPN© November 21 - The Olympics are a few years away and it looks like there will be a host of new athletes to lead the way to US Gold. We are talking about a new crop of semantic and intellectual contortion gymnasts - the Democrats of the 109th Congress.

The team consists of Captain John Kerry – the best hope for Gold who flip-flopped his way to election nirvana in 2004 with his brilliant take on the GWOT: ‘I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it.’ His signature move, ‘The Waffling Kerry’ is now a staple in the arsenal of our Congressional athletes, emulated today by the vast majority of Democrat hopefuls to make the 2008 team. And some leading Democrats are now performing their own take on this most elegant of moves calling it the ‘Double Kerry’ which is really an affirmation that they voted for the war before they said it was wrong and now they are falling over themselves to support our troops without supporting the war. In the words of all the analysts at ESPN(c), 'We have not seen this kind of semantic contortion since Olga Corbett on the balance beam in ’72 .'

For the past three years, however, there has been relatively little activity in the proving grounds of potential flippers on the GWOT for the ‘08 US Dem Team. But over the last two weeks, those who wish to be part of Kerry’s run for gold have expanded exponentially. Now it seems that every Democrat wants to show he or she can flop with the master and bring our nation more medals than the records set in Athens in ’04.

EPSN(c) and the RNC(c) wish Captain Flip-Flop and all the other Democratic hopefuls well as they show the US and the world that when it comes to being on both sides of any issue, no one beats the Democrats in the 109th US Congress.

While I don't particularly agree with the sentiment, I find your picture quite entertaining (especially w/ the Waffle House in the background, which is where the intellectuals in my hometown tend to hang out).


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