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Friday, November 25, 2005

FL Sen Mike Haridopolos Proposed Bill To End Illegals From Obtaining FL Driver’s Licenses

His name is pronounced ‘Har-REE-Dop-POLE-Us’ FL Sen Mike Haridopolos is trying to put a halt to any illegal getting valid FL Driver’s License.

How twisted has our ‘state’ of affairs become when a law has to be passed to stop something that should not be happening in the first place?

Sen. Mike’s bill is going after identification used to get a FL DL. One such document, the Mexican Matricula Consular, is a target of this bill. The Mexican Gvt hands out their MC cards at will. There is no way anyone in FL would know that the MC is valid. Why is this a good idea? There was a case in Sen. Mike’s district where a woman was assaulted. The rapist was an illegal who had used a forged MC to obtain a FL DL. If Mike’s bill was law, this illegal could have been stopped at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.

There is so much that need to happen with stopping illegals from doing illegal things in the US. And Sen. Mike’s bill is a step in the right direction.

Bravo Hari – Good Luck

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