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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Young Drinkers Thinner Than Non Drinkers

MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT MAG, NOV 2005“Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is not way to go through life, son.” Says Dean Vernon Wormer to Flounder in ‘Animal House’ about what most people believe: college party animals are fatter and dumber than their non-drinking classmates. Think again! Researchers from Louisiana State University found that in men and women 20-38 years of age (1,335 subjects), BMI (balance between weight and height) was higher in non-drinkers than drinkers. Alcohol consumption was slightly higher in men than in women and in whites versus blacks. Carbohydrate intake decreased with increasing alcohol consumption, but protein intake was the same. Non-drinkers are more fat than drinkers. Physical activity was the same in both groups.

Conclusion: Enter LSU when you’re 20 and drink your butt off for 18 years and you’ll end up skinny, drunk, and stupid! (Journal of American Diet Association 105: A -60, 2005 Abstract)

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