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Friday, November 04, 2005

St. Bernard Parish, LA - Katrina Update

Good friend and source in the gvt tells me the Corps of Engineers states that only four structures in St. Bernard Parish, LA can be salvaged after Hurrican Katrina. Did you read that? Four buildings can be salvaged. This is a number that I have a hard time comprehending. That means no schools, no hospitals, no fire or police stations, no McDonalds, no seafood - nothing is left. Before Katrina over 66K resided in St. Bernard Parish. This is just unbelievable.

More Katrina related news: Three New Orleans residents were arrested in Atlanta, GA for selling crack cocaine to undercover police officers. Nice going, fellas - way to 'represent' the Big Easy!

A job fair was held at Hanscom AFB outside Boston for over 5K New Orleans/Katrina evacuees. Guess how many showed up in the same hanger where they are temporarily housed to apply for jobs: 12! Way to represent!

My hubby is working with Cameron Parish and there is only 1 building remaining there - the court house.
THis weekend, CSPAN showed the house Armed Services Committee's visit to jackson Barracks in New Orleans as well as Kessler AFB, MS. It will make you cry. There are no words to describe the devestation.
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