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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Chained To A Fence - Now That's Homeland Security!

"I'll be laying down and not getting up," Cindy Sheehan said Tuesday of a planned protest outside the White House. "When they let me out, I'll do the same thing if I get arrested."

She said she hoped 2,000 people would attend the vigil throughout the week to represent each American death. Each participant was to receive a wrist bracelet with the name of a fallen soldier.

What we need to do is encourage evey anti-war wonk to do the same thing. Pay their way to DC, provide temp housing, food, clothing, and travel vouchers. Then we get them all chained to the same fence.

Now That's Homeland Security!

Hi CR. Anything you see over at Love America First, or any of my sites, that you would like to copy, if it is possible, go right ahead. Picture wise, of course! You can also use my writings, just give credit, which I know you do. As for the others, their sites are the first thing listed in the sidebar.

As far as this "woman", the only comment I will make is please remember she is just one of my gender! She does NOT represent alot of women I know! :)
I think that the better course of action would have been to leave her chained to the fence. DC has some pretty rough winters. This was once againe this media whores attempt to garner a headline! She has no respect for her son's sacrifice and is a continual insult to his memory.

Ken Taylor
Hello! Gave you a mention on my blog HERE... great job... CS needs to be chained up!
I was thinking "This woman is getting to much attention", but the more I see her, and how insane she is, and who all she is representing (Her son not included..poor thing) the more it makes me wonder why the left wing media isnt giving her any more airtime. Hmmm
Shut up! You guys love her.
provide temp housing, food, clothing, and travel vouchers?

the US can't even do that for its poorest people let alone protesters

anyone who blindly obeys the administration on any decision let alone war is not only a wonk, but a retard not worthy of voting rights
It's funny how no one on the left can take a joke...
I love jokes.
let her rot there....
Let her chain herself to a fence... in jail.
She looks like Gomer Pyle with a boon job...
Gomer is better looking!
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