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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Relief(?)

Where have I been? Thanks to many who have asked over the last week - went to New Orleans to help rebuild homes of relatives - had to get back to FL to board up my own house - irony of ironies! Wilma came and went - damage to house - water in the roof, fence gone - new hurricane shutters - fantastic! No power - I am on batteries for about two more hours looking at work email and answering the personal messages from those who were wondering where I have been.

As for New Orleans and Jefferson Parish - all I can say is that every house on every block has piles of furniture, carpet, refrigerators, dry wall on the street - it's worse than anything you have seen on television. Every house has either water damage, wind damage or both. In fact, the house next to my relatives is uninhabitable. The house on the other side has a 100 year old oak tree wedged in the center of the building. Words can't describe the devastation and all I did was see areas that were not that bad compared to the rest of New Orleans. I can't even imagine what MS looks like.

Now we have had Wilma - we are just south enough to have had sustained Cat 2 hurricane winds for six hours. The only salvation was that this storm was moving at 25 mph. I can't imagine what it was like for those folks in Mexico where this beast sat for three days. As if those people are not poor enough! Anyway, we are alive. No power, but all is well. I know others have not made out as well as we have. When the power comes back on, I will get back to blogging. Thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers over the last few days.


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