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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is Paris Burning?

This is the question Hitler asked General Dietrich Von Choltitz as the allies approached the city in 1944. Well, Paris is burning and it's not by an occupying force. The torching of Paris is at the hands of its own people; a radical ethnic sub-culture that has benefited from years of lax immigration policies has been setting the City of Lights ablaze for six nights. Not much mention in the MSM about this (wonder why) Read

I think they're getting ready to surrender over there. It's the next step after appeasement...
Heard an interview with a French apologist on NPR, saying the rioting youth simply want respect.
Typical of the left. Respect isn't automatically awarded. It must be earned!
The rioting is spreading to outlying towns and also reported in Denmark. I wonder if we're seeing the future of the EU. Mark Steyn was on Bill Bennett's morning program yesterday and thinks that's exactly what's happening.

Let them burn...
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