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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Army Unveils New Award

Recognizing the need for an award for troops assigned to headquarters units during combat operations, the Army today announced the approval of the Combat Briefing Badge, or CBB. "People don't realize that being in a major headquarters can be just as stressful as going on patrols or convoys," said MAJ John Remf. "When you're briefing that many General Officers, your career can end in a heartbeat. And it can happen to anyone at any time, not just combat arms soldiers." DOD statistics note that CSS personnel are more likely to suffer career-ending incidents in rear areas than Combat Arms Soldiers. "This just reflects that reality," said Pentagon spokesman LTC Roger Pogue.

The award ranks in precedence below the CIB and CAB, but above the EIB and PowerPoint Ranger tab.

The criteria for the award is still under discussion, but preliminary guidance authorizes the award for 30 days of continuous briefings of officers at least two grades higher than the briefer without incident while serving in a theater of operations in which the awardee is eligible for hostile fire and hazardous duty pay.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

I know this comment is off topic. Has anyone here even read 1984?
Please read and think for yourself, instead of thinking you already do.
And how brave your are for using someone elses words to show us that you can actually think for yourself...or can you?
Yes its called quoting! Bravery has everything to do with you picking up a book sometime and facing the truth; nothing to do with citing the work of others. Your refusal to ignore the obvious not only makes you ignorant, but foolish. Your argument is something I expect from a 12 year old.
I know there are some halfway intelligent Neo Cons out there. Would any dare compare the Orwellian nightmare dipicted in 1984 with our current situation? If not, I understand...there is nothing to worry about, because WAR IS PEACE! right?
Here are some more quotes for you. Perhaps you have heard of some of the following patriots...(or are they terrorists!?!? You tell me!) lol

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from the government."

--Thomas Paine 'The Rights of Man' c.1792

"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace"

-Geroge W. Bush (um...?!)

"I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."
--George Washington

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"

-George W. Bush

"To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

--Thomas Jefferson

"Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it."

---Thomas Jefferson

"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance."

-George Bush- (patriot?)

"Those who are willing to trade freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security."


"You can't see what you think is a threat and hope it goes away. You used to could when the oceans protected us, but the lesson of September the 11th is, is when the President sees a threat, we must deal with it before it -- before it comes to fruition through death on our own soils, for example."

-George W. Bush

"What the country needs is a leader who speaks clearly."

George W. Bush (lol)
I won't even mess with this person who obviously has read the cliffnotes for Orwell. Well, I read that in 10th grade and your point? Try reading Bias by Bernard Goldberg and get back to us. In other words, get your head out of your ass!
The appropriate response from a 12 year old would be 'Your Mama!'

It appears you are mixing your metaphors and philosophy of the current consciouness to derive an Orwellian or Dennettian and even a Stalinesque mentalism to prove your point. Not that that is not expected from someone like yourself who sees something like a green spot on a piece of paper, for purely argument's sake, and says it's red to prove his premise that a green spot never existed on the paper to begin with, but that another spot, say green was there. This Stalinesque revisionism seems to be the real premise from which you base your assumption that war is peace and freedom is slavery. Let's take another example of everyday consciousness and to futher illustrate this point. I will use an example of walking down the road and seeing a cat on a fence (yes, it sounds silly!). Suppose you see this cat and it is white with brown eyes. Earlier on in the day a white spotty dog with brown eyes had run in front of your car, you dodged it...fortunatley for the dog. Later on a friend questions you about your day and you tell them you saw a white
cat with black spots. How did this happen? the cat was white with brown eyes!!! An Orwellian revision account would state that you percieved the cat as white, yet the memory of the spotted dog had interfered with this memory and you had recalled incorrectly. A Stalinesque account would propose that you had inaccuratley percieved the cat at the time
of seeing it, (in a way you hallucinated the spots) and so you
remembered incorrectly, (it really did have spots in your
consciousness). The problem with the Orwellian revision account is that of timing. Were you first conscious of a white cat with no spots,(you remembered this) and then later conscious of a white cat with spots which wiped out the first experience) or was the very first thing you were conscious of was a spotty cat? The problem with Stalinesque is WHY we hallucinate the spots. Overall, do we make a mistake on recall due to interference (Orwellian)
or do we accurately recall a perceptual mistake we actually
experienced? (Stalinesque).

I could talk about Orwellian and Stlainesque dualisms all day. But since you enjoy quoting the words of others for us to be impressed with your premise that war is peace and freedom is slavery, I'll leave you to ponder whether your consciousness of the current is either Orwellian or Dennetian dualism.

And one more thing...Your Mama!
Wow that was a funy read. Thanks, I like to read humor in the morning. Gretta, perhaps you can tell me how it is obvious that I read cliffnotes. Oh, and I could'nt read it for Orwell; seeing he is dead and all. I may just read Bias by Bernard Goldberg, it looks good. You asume I view the media as being "fair and balanced" or straight foward, when in truth it's very manipulative and full of fallacies. Gretta, put a cohesive thought behind words, instead of spitting them out. My point was very clear, just scroll up. The only solid thought you vomited was that, you won't mess with me.
Mountjoy, what a joy it is to read into your thought process, as flawed as it is. Your first mistake is the supposition that I actually belive in the ideaology that WAR IS PEACE, and so on. My point cannot become more clear when I cite quotes by our leaders pushing for such an agenda. I even spelled it out for you. If that needs explaining, I will reluctantly do so; similar to teaching 1+1=2.
Your second mistake is that you think I have a memory and/or association problem. I understand the metaphor you make with colors, dogs, cats, etc... Though i'm not sure how you derive the conclusion that i'm mixing my "metaphors and philosophy of current consciouness". Maybe you can match subject with object? Where's the beef? Your hypothesis is so abstract that it has no correlation to my statements. I call spades spades. You call spades something I made up! Why can't you discuss the facts and sort it out from there? Your biggest logic flaw is that you assume too much. I'm not subscribing to "Stalinesque revisionism" or "Orwellian Dualisms" if they ever existed. Perhaps you confuse dualisms with comparisons. Lord knows where you assumed I made some metaphor of Stalinesque revisionism. This is very simple, it needs not to be over-complicated. Question: Do you find any similarities between Orwell's classic "1984" and our current social/political climate? Perhaps complicating things is your tactical defense: transform the argument into something else. You appear to be a pseudo-intellectual. Proofread for your own sake. Collect your thoughts, reduce them to concise sentences, then type. Re-read what you write before publishing. You are out of your league. Stay on the playground making childish remarks and being proud of yourself for doing so.
Thanks for the comment. You're right. Thanks for illustrating my point that you and others like you fit the world of relativism for your own premise. Ad hominem attacks aside, we disagree. I do not link or equate Orwell to what is happening today or ever. You can't. Doing so is to doom yourself to a worldview cemented in perpetual relativism. If that is how you think, which it seems that you do, fine. Live and think like that if you like. But where do you stop? Do you apply Orwell to all other human experiences, or is it just the convenience of politics of an administration in your disfavor that you aver such a position? Are there boundaries for such an application of political and psychological doublespeak? If there are, what are they? I would find it difficult to live in such an existence of perpetual nay saying while applying a constant black is white and white is black approach to all that I do, think, and say. If your highly evolved intellect allows you to live like that, than you are indeed on an evolutionary tract that is far superior to myself and most other mere mortals. Thank you for allowing me and others to bask in your reflected glory? Let us all eat Orwell’s cake and let us exist in our lower mental caste as you look down on us from clouds of your intellectual Olympus.
Orwell would be overwhelmed with all the new material this administration has provided. For instance.
Kind of like Republicans = "Support the Troops".

The Pentagon has reneged on its offer to pay a $15,000 bonus to members of the National Guard and Army Reserve who agree to extend their enlistments by six years

Interesting! I just read Power Point tonight. I like what they put out. I hate flowery stuff :)
Take care and best of luck down in Florida.
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