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Friday, January 27, 2006

61st Anniversary of the Auschwitz Liberation

Never Forget!

The liberation of Auschwitz is a metaphor for the liberation of all the slave labor and death camps the Germans and its allies ran in WWII.

The enormity and extent of the camp system is staggering and is certainly not known or taught the way it should be in the US. There are numerous resources that catalog the types, number and functions of the camps and programmes to solve the 'Jewish Question' in Eurpoe from the 1930s - 1945 and the after math of the DP camps.

The Camps
The Forgotten Camps
The Wannsee Conference
The Holocaust
The Shoah Page
US Holocaust Museum

Great links......I'm not a Jew, but an a huge supporter of the Jewish people and the Israeli State.

I went to the Holocaust Museum 5 years ago, and it was one of the most horrifying hours of my life.

Walking through the box-cars (actually used), seeing the thousands of childrens shoes, gold fillings and letters was heartbreaking.

Hitler and his henchmen killed over 6,000,000 Jews, but this number is minimal compared to what he would have done had Germany won the war......All of Eastern Europe would have been a prison camp, with it's adjoining death camps.

After WWII the world said "NEVER AGAIN".......Unfortunately, we are in the process of repeating history unless the world spanks Iran very quickly.

Make no mistake, Iran cracking its nuclear seals last week was the modern version of Hitler remilitarizing the Rhineland.
Thank you for this post!
Here we are -- make or break time. Time to put-up or shut-up. In walks Angela Merkel speaking NOT merely on behalf of Germany but for the entire European Union advising Hamas leaders in no uncertain terms that the "European Union" cannot possibly support continued aid unless Hamas renounces their policies of terror and recognizes the right of Isreal to exist.

Talk about the right kind of leader (euorpean) showing up on the scene at the right time. Ms. Merkel has emerged as substantial voice of reason from what used to be a large, black hole in the middle of Europe. Now, let's see what the new Canadian leader can do. Poldark Maximus www.poldarkmaximus.com
Hitler's regime was just another act of fundamentalism.... that has long tainted the happiness of human race....
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