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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why is anyone surprised by the recent Hamas win?

Charles Manson would probably vote himself man of the decade if given the chance. So why is anyone surprised that terrorist prone Hamas swept the Palestinian plebiscite? I for one am not. And for the west to call this a wake-up call is wrong. Here’s why. First, now that the PLO has put legitimacy to its cause with a popular vote, there is no more wondering if it would ever change or desire to change its lunatic beliefs and sadistic use of exploding followers. It’s that simple, the PLO and its supporters will not change the desire to push Israel into the Med. Second, holding an election means nothing as it relates to nation-building or furthering the legitimacy of the plebiscite. There will be no rule of law, women will still be third class citizens, except those that want to blow themselves up.

Second, there is no ‘Western Face’ that Hamas can put on this election; Abbas is no darling of the media as a replacement of YA when he died of the butt flu a while back. Since Israel no longer has an arbiter of pseudo-legitimacy to respond to, any terror act from this point in time should be considered as an act of war. And if self preservation is an instinct that anyone in the Hamas leadership possesses, it better get to the table and negotiate with Israel. If not, the Sons of David will kill Hamas unlike anything the world has seen since the six days war.

Shema Israel

Well said, I agree this is just a change in letterhead. It's also dangerous for the innocent Palistinean people, since their vote has just given the world a legitimate reason to crush them if one of their radical sons so much as raise a trigger finger.
Certainly the Mainstream Media seems all flabergasted with the result. This morning's Wall Street Journal and New York Times called for "narrow" Fatah victories.

Two Observations: 1) Is there no end to the naiivitee of the American left who believe, despite all the violence and murder committed by gutless PLO/Hamas/Fatah (whatever you choose to call them today), that these folks will resolve their issues diplomatically at the peace tables -- eventually? and 2) Leave it to the West to confuse "democratic elections" with peaceful dispute resolution. Hugo Chavez will no doubt call the winnerss and congratulate them on beating the system. poldarkmaximus.com
Put this election in the "You Get What You Ask For" column.

The Palestinians have just sealed their fate......The Israelis opened the door to peace (many, many times), yet the Palestinians have chosen to close the door. This vote will lock the door.

The end result will be many deaths and much pain for everyone involved......It is debatable if the Israelis can survive the test of time, but the current Palestinians will never see that day, because they will be crushed in the process.
'butt flu' - LOL! Never heard that one.

I am not surprised at all by this news. The way I see it we have just given the 'Palestinians' more rope to hang themselves with. And hang themselves they will.
Excellent points by all...Israel will not be as bad off as the doomsday media thinks.
"Butt flu"? I had to chuckle. An interesting way to describe YesSirAreYouFat's demise.

People forget that Israel has a Super Power on its side, and, folks, it ain't America....
I never heard of Butt Flu either. LOL

I agree - they have gotten what they asked for.

What got me was Senile Jimmy Carter supporting them and suggesting we send more funding!!




Talk about the naivete of the liberal left. They actually seem to think that giving the Hamas Terrorists more money and power will make them stop and think that maybe they should start acting responsibly.

Does that make sense to anybody.

Wait til Israel cuts all the goodeis these creeps get from import taxes...

Bullets or Butter...uhm?
It's typical leftist stupidity Beth.

Honest to goodness - no wonder they think Americans are stupid or something with the way our government handles stuff sometimes.

Carter is a whack. THAT man does more damage every time he opens his mouth.
I was thinking the same thing. I can't imagine why anyone was surprised Hamas won. Does everyone have their heads up their asses? I saw this coming a mile away.
now lets be fair... although israel is to condemn for 1948 bloodbathed intrusion... it is as important to let palestinians live in peace with jews.

the point here is that jerusalem must not be exclusively for one religon, but all religions, and israel and palestine must accept this...
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