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Monday, December 12, 2005

Abraham Lincoln Was Right

Thanks to PBS Watch for this picture. Get over to that site. It's a great watchdog on the media and how your tax dollars are spent in the name of broadcasting for the public.

And Michael Reagan is Right!

Lincoln was indeed right.
Nice job, CR
So, Republicans like yourself are now going to start comparing the invasion of Iraq to the United States Civil War?

Obviously historical perspective is not your strong suit.
Mr. McDonald of the Barnyard,

Not necessarily the point being made by Mr. Mountjoy, but since you brought it up, both wars seek to liberate a large, repressed populous and both wars require the sheddding of much blood for "ideals and values" which in peacetime are fair game for endless debate and borderline sedition, but in wartime demands political leaders from both wings GET LINED UP. It were ever thus. Ask Thomas Moore, Norfolk (Elizabeth's Norfolk) and the list is endless. Take heed of Pres. George Bush's remarks yesterday about finding the government leaker of NSA activities to protect the country over the last 4 years. We are at war and it would, in a less politically correct era, appropriately constitute treason. See Lincoln's comments as they apply. Absent the hanging.
no it would not...we spy on ourselves and violate liberties all the time. And if anyone should have been hung for treason, what about the suspension of habeas corpus that Mr. Lincoln employed to quell the riots in NYC during the War of Northern Aggression. Certainly this was a war powers act, but according to your definition, treason, and thus necessary to find the nearest tree...like it or not, war time needs exceed personal liberties - I have no problem with it. Listen in all you want, fellas. If it can stop a plot to kill Americans, have at it.
Poldark Maximus would favor banishment/exile for elected officials as that would deprive them of the only thing that gives their life meaning. Reduced to a life of obscurity.

Appointed officials could swing with the rest of the scoundrals.
You know what we never hear anyone on the left talk about - the enslavement of Japanese Americans during WWII...talk about gulags, abu ghraib - no it was not like that...but GD, wasn't it close to how the Nazi's began to single out homos, communists and jehovahs in Dachau? And the left never, never talks about the violation of these American's rights...and FDR is lionized! Humbug!
Great quote from a great man. Thanks for sharing it (I'm gonna steal it, but will link back to ya).
Lincoln had his Copperheads and McClellan.

We have our Democrats and Murtha.

Wait. Copperheads were anti-war Democrats? Hmmmmmmm.
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