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Monday, December 12, 2005

Conservative Tour of DC

I have the great fortune to be on a long term project in our nation’s capital. I will be able to see the city and the federal area unlike ever before – getting to sites during extended holiday hours and arranging my schedule to avoid the flux of visitors during heavier travel seasons. Of all the benefits of being in DC, I can embark on sojourns to see sites not typically listed in ‘Duck Tours’ or the ‘Fromers Guides.’ Here is a list of must see conservative sites in DC I lifted from John Miller’s article Aug 8, 2005 NRO:

The Edmund Burke Statue
Alger Hiss’ Home – Georgetown
Joe McCarthy’s House
Se Robert Taft Carillion
Barry Goldwater’s Residence
The Reagan Shooting Site
Victims of Communism Memorial
Where Lincoln Prayed
Democrat Scandal Sites

I especially want to see the Victims of Communism Memorial. It is still not complete, but according to Miller, 'the current plan calls for a 10-foot-tall bronze statue based on the "Goddess of Liberty" figure erected by the martyred Chinese students of Tiananmen Square.’ How inspiring will that be to see this magnificent statue to the over 100 million men, women and children who died under the various forms of communism throughout the world? If you have the means, try a challenge grant to make this statue a reality. I can't wait to begin my tour.

Welcome to DC!
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