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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Johnny Carson & Iran's Nuclear Program

How are these linked? Simple. The Great Carnac! When I was in HS, I was able to stay up late and watch Carson. In 1981, I was watching The Tonight Show when Johnny went into his Carnac bit...the robe, the turban and Ed McMahon egging him on in classic schtick fashion. This one was memorable:

The Envelope: "Take This Job And Shove It!"

Carnac: What the cleaning lady at the Iraqi Nuclear facility said last night after the Israeli's bombed it!

If you never saw Carson do Carnac, you probably won't recognize the references. Still, I think this is going to happen eventually. I think the Israeli's won't bat an eye and turn Iran's nuke program into glass. Why? It did it before, with or without sanction from the UN and US.

Second, Iran Backs Hamas and Hezbollah. If and when Hamas continues to carry out its genocidial lunacy against Jews, then the link to all of Hamas' supporters and financiers can be exploited. And who will be holding the purse strings for Hamas once the West and Israel cut off money in aid? Iran!

Will Israel do it? Frist, there needs to be a ton of intelligence that points to a conclusion Iran is going nuclear. And the Mossad better get it right this time! From the lessons learned in Iraq, I bet the Iranians have gone and will go underground. Israel will need a lot of bunker busters. But I think our current technology can only go 30 feet down. Certainly, Iran will go much deeper than that to hide it's nukes and wmds.

So that leaves air ops and on the ground intel. Israel, like the US, has invested more money and hired more field ops personnel over the last several years to make up for the reliance on technology to solve issues on the ground. So that is a plus.

Israel has the right to protect itself. QED - 'Take This Job And Shove It' might be a #1 hit on Iranian Nuclear Facilities Radio in the not too distant future.

Ed McMahon - 'I hold in my hand the last of the envelopes...'

Carnac - 'May a swarm of desert grub worms hold a jazz fetival in your shorts'

I still miss Johnny Carson. Loved to watch the show. It was a must to see before going to bed.

Iran will have to be dealt with no matter how difficult, messy and painful it will be. We can't screw around any longer.
They back more than Hamas and Hebollah. And, they will have to be delt with. What are the chances that the new generation of Freedom loving Iranians will kick out clerics and Prez?
Here's something to chew on: After the fall of the Soviet Union, Iran was the first to attempt to purchase old Soviet biological weapons technology.....And many, many ex-Soviet scientists have never been found.

Iran claims it can counter an invasion.......It can't be stupid to know it can't do so with a conventional defense.
I'm all for taking out Iran, but am afraid we will have to do it much bigger than most of us are anticipating.
It is going to be ugly. It has to be done.
Brings back some memories. Good ones.

It is interesting that Hamas now sits next door to Israel, ready to cause havoc if they strike the Iranian nukular facilities. In the end Iran might just be blowing smoke, but if so t's some pretty big puffs.
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