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Friday, March 31, 2006

Rusty Humphries - US Marine Denied Citizenship

I almost swerved off the road last night when I heard this. On the Rusty Humphries Show last night, a caller named George said the following, 'I am a legal resident in the US since the age of five, a HS Graduate and have been active duty in the Marines for seven years with two tours in Iraq. I have been denied US Citizenship three times by the INS.'

What the hell is wrong with this country? George said he even went through his local Congressman to appeal. The irony here is that his Congressional Rep gave him the news of his latest denial. One of his denials for citizenship he received while in Iraq!

If you happened to catch this broadcast, the fill-in host for Rusty said that George did not sound bitter in the face of probably the most heinous and despicable act the INS visited upon someone so worthy of being granted citizenship. This Marine should be at the top of the list. And I thought that volunteering for military duty was a guarantee of citizenship.

George told the show's host that the INS dolt who told him over the phone that his application forms were not filled out properly and she was 'following the letter of the law.' Well the law and the INS are asses!

I hope Rusty's show puts out more information about this. I will continue to dig. If I find something, I will post. If any of you find something please pass this along. This is a cause that we should elevate to the level of Jack Idema, etc. This proud American, and we can call him this since he was born to naturalized legal Mexican parents, needs to be given citizenship immediately. And if we can get the word out to other news-types like FOX, National Review, etc., we might just be able to pull the curtain back and expose the idiocy of the INS bureaucratic leviathan and all the ninnies who shroud themselves in unaccountable and unimaginative insignificance.

You have got to be kidding me. We're about to allow millions of illegals to reside in this country by filling out a one-page form, but the HERO in Iraq who defends this nation and has been here legally since he was five is denied citizenship. Brilliant. VIVA GEORGE!
The "INS" and "letter of the law" as used in the same sentence is an oxymoron.
This is an utter travesty! What total injustice this is! I hope you find out more and I will be back to check. It would be good to be able to get FOX to cover this, but how to do that?

I think this makes me more furious than anything else I've read today. GRRRRRRRRR!
I sent eamils to every FOX NEWS address. I sent emails to NRO, Weekly Standard. I sent letters to the editor to several news papers.

I sent Rusty H an email asking for more info about this man...I hope his site posts something.

This is a start.

Any ideas, folks?
Please keep me posted on this. This is an exception to the soldier rule, from what I understand.

I am a non-blogger and can't post my address here. http://hooahwife.com
This is absolutely outrageous and, unfortunately, not surprising. The INS runs about as efficiently and effectively as the DMV.
There is something not quite right with this story. First, no one from the RH Show will return my calls or emails for an update.

Second, I was contacted by an immigration attorney. She stated that military active duty get the top spots in the limited amount of open slots each year.

She added that there might be something in his background that would disqualify him based on 'questionalble moral character' issue. Let's do the math...he has seven years active duty Marines. If he did bad stuff as a youth, then it might be the reason. But certainly seven years active duty, no arrests, no AR-15s, etc. should overcome anything he did as a youth(statuts of limitations, etc)

I wish I could get an answer from the RH Show.

Thanks for the reply!
Hi, Rusty Humphries here. This is the first I have heard of this story. I did not recive any emails or I would have checked on this sooner. If the soldier did not leave a phone number, unfortunatly there is no way for me to contact him. Feel free to email me if you have questions Rusty@talk2rusty.com.

THANK YOU for listening!
Rusty Humphries
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